Extension of lease of land of municipality to Lions club which costs millions of rupees @50 per annum

Grievance Status for registration number : GOVUP/E/2024/0022356

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Mahesh Pratap Singh alias Yogi M. P. Singh

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Uttar Pradesh

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The matter concerns lease of land of municipality Mirzapur City to provide lions club @50 rupees per annum which price is millions of rupees. This is scam has been committed by Yogi government at level of secretariat

The executive officer municipality Mirzapur City must know that the applicant has a paper of lease so he must articulate and submit reports that are authentic otherwise it would cause an adverse impact on his career.

The report submitted by executive officer municipality Mirzapur city in the following grievance before the district magistrate Mirzapur is arbitrary and inconsistent to the contents of grievance and its supportive evidence.

The report submitted by the executive officer municipality Mirzapur city later number 779 dated 13 December 2023 attached as the first page of the attached pdf document to the grievance.

Executive officer in its report says that only 12,000 square feet land of the municipality Mirzapur city has been given to the Lions Club to develop the garden but the actual position is that total land given to the Lions club by the municipality Mirzapur City is 62606 square feet which proved that he is hiding the fact which is not only indiscipline but criminal breach of trust. Which is quite obvious from the 4th page of the paper of registry which is attached as the 12th page of the attached pdf document to this grievance.

The span of the lease was of 30 years which commenced on 5th February 1980 and indeed 4th February 2010 which is quite obvious from the second page of the paper of registry which is attached as the eighth page of the attached pdf document to the grievance.

Think about the gravity of such incompetent personnel causing heavy loss to the public exchequer because of its incompetence. It seems that in a similar manner he had provided the facts to the most respected court of the high court of judicature at Allahabad which is the root cause of languishing of the case in the huge backlog of higher judiciary in the state.

It is quite explicit that the matter concerns the deep-rooted corruption because in this matter municipality Mirzapur city has been cheated by the Lions Club Mirzapur so action must be taken against the Lions Club Mirzapur but because bureaucrats at the top in the administrative hierarchy are supporting the Lions Club Mirzapur which is the root cause they are stumbling block in taking action against the Lions Club Mirzapur. From the attached document to the grievance, it is clear that municipality Mirzapur city has sent Lions Club repeated notices to vacate the land of the municipality Mirzapur city but they managed corrupt senior officers in the government of Uttar Pradesh who extended the lease between the municipality Mirzapur city and the Lions Club. It is quite obvious that a huge financial loss is occurring to the municipality Mirzapur City because of cheating of the Lions Club but this loss cannot be curbed because of the corrupt staff in the government. Please curb corruption.

Lions club is earning billions of rupees from Lions school by taking land of municipality @Rs.50 per annum yet Yogi Govt. is honest in Uttar Pradesh. What is the cause of the government of Uttar Pradesh providing the land of municipality to the Lions Club at the throw away prices to the Lions Club Coordinating Lions School which is earning billions of rupees from this institution?

There is corruption in the lease extension of the Lions school Laldiggi which must be checked by the appropriate agency. Lions club took 62606 sq feet land from municipality @Rs.50 for social activities charging Rs.3000 admission fee and other fees additional? The matter concerns the cheating by the management of the lions school, Laldiggi which takes the land of the municipality Mirzapur city at the lease which costs rupees 50 per annum. Here the matter concerns the loss which incurred to the public treasury because of the arbitrary decision after government functionaries which is full of corruption.

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Uttar Pradesh

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Shri Bhaskar Pandey (Joint Secretary)

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Uttar Pradesh

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Chief Minister Secretariat , Room No. 321, U.P. Secretariat, Lucknow

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Beerbhadra Singh

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  1. करोड़ों की जमीन जो की नगर पालिका परिषद मिर्जापुर सिटी की है उसको योगी सरकार ने रिलायंस क्लब को दे दिया इस लीज का विस्तार अखिलेश यादव सरकार ने अपने पूरे कार्यकाल तक नहीं किया था क्योंकि उनकी समझ मे यह एक भ्रष्टाचार था किंतु योगी सरकार को भ्रष्टाचार की कहां परवाह

  2. Whether it is not ridiculous that there is ample evidence of corruption against the ruling BJP government in the state of Uttar Pradesh but most unfortunate thing is that this corruption has been legalized in the country. For example, in the matter of electoral bonds.

  3. Undoubtedly it is an act of corruption by the current government in Uttar Pradesh. How can government provide municipality land at the least at the rate of rupees 50 per anum to a commercial institution was sole motive is to amass huge wealth by exploiting the guardians of the students. Now it has been proved that honesty of the Yogi government is only to say but this honesty is not visible at the ground level.

  4. It is quite obvious that the matter concerns deep rooted corruption in the working of the Yogi Adityanath government. But it is most unfortunate that Yogi Adityanath government is not taking any action in the matter after repeated representations by the public spirited people.

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