In Gujarat model RTI fee is paid and RTI draft is available but grievance number is not sent after repeated complaints

Grievance Status for registration number : GOVGJ/E/2024/0001212

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Mahesh Pratap Singh alias Yogi M. P. Singh

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The matter concerns the dilapidated state of the RTI portal of the government of Gujarat in which RTI application has been submitted and RTI fee was also paid but website did not send registration number of the RTI application which means it is concerned with the working of the website comes under the ambit of administrative control of the government of Gujarat so this matter is redressible by the government of Gujarat. It seems that the concerned principal secretary could not understand the contents of the grievance and he closed the grievance arbitrarily without taking any action or we can say that there is rampant corruption in the working of the government of Gujarat so they are not interested to provide information under right to information act 2005. Officer Name Shri Mohammad Shahid (Principal Secretary) Organisation name Government of Gujarat The applicant thinks that the principal secretary of Gujarat government had to adopt a logistic approach in the matter to redress grievances.

It is quite obvious that the principal secretary of the government of Gujarat submitted an arbitrary and inconsistent report to close the grievance which is a mockery of the law of land.Payment detals-Honourable sir may be pleased to take a glance of the transaction made by the applicant from his bank account belonging to the State Bank of India.Dear Customer, Thx for INB txn of Rs.24.13 frm A/c X1675 to SBI EPAY. Ref IGAQRWIHU2 on 10 Jan 2024. If not done, fwd. this SMS to 9223008333 to block INB or call 1800111109-SBIGrievance Status for registration number : GOVGJ/E/2024/0000882

Grievance Concerns To Name Of Complainant-Mahesh Pratap Singh alias Yogi M. P. Singh Date of Receipt-12/01/2024, Received By Ministry/Department-Gujarat

Grievance Description-An application on behalf of Vandana Singh W/O Mr. Rajkumar Singh D/O Nandlal Singh Village- Babura, Post- Babura, Police station- Vindhyachal, District- Mirzapur to make inquiry regarding registration number of online submitted RTI application in which RTI fee has been paid through Internet banking. It seems that there is no justice for the vulnerable section in the government of Gujarat.

Dilapidated RTI portal of Gujarat government did not send registration number of RTI application after payment of RTI fee online which is quite obvious from the first page of the attached pdf document to the grievance.

The matter concerns the dilapidated state of RTI portal as the applicant submitted RTI application and RTI fee deducted from the account of the applicant, but RTI portal did not send the registration number of the RTI application on the registered mobile number and on the registered email.

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please refer to our government resolution dated 30/11/2021 . we have clearly mentioned that technical issues / hurdles in online RTI portal can only be solved by our support system

Your complaint is regarding a technical problem in the online RTI portal. For any technical complaint regarding online RTI portal please contact: 079-22881251 or mail Technical can only be heard there.




Rating Remarks

It is quite obvious that earlier grievance of applicant was arbitrarily closed by the concerned staff and thereafter subsequent grievance was made by applicant and in this grievance the following is the report or you can say that solution provided by the concerned staff of government of Gujarat. For any technical complaint regarding online RTI portal please contact: 079-22881251 or mail Technical can only be heard there. Most respected Sir do you think that it is a proper solution provided by the government which does not provide any redressal of the grievance but he told only a mechanism. It is most surprising that Gujarat government instead of resolving the problems of the aggrieved people they are more interested in procrastinating on the complaints and thereafter providing worthless solutions regarding grievance having no relevance to the matter. If such is Gujarat model then it is not acceptable to us. We want transparency and accountability.

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Ankita jadeja (Section Officer)

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RTI Branch GAD

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Block No.7,1st floor, Sachivaly,Gandhinagar

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To see the attached document to the grievance, please click on the link


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  1. What is Gujarat model? It is quiet obvious from the post, Gujarat model is the rule of anarchy.

  2. Gujarat model of government is the model of corruption which tells us how corruption is made free from the clutches of the law of land. How the victims of rape are freed from the penal action?

  3. It is mockery of the provisions of right to information act 2005 but in such culture our great prime minister had provided good governance to the people of Gujarat where such a cunning tricks are adopted by the public staff not to provide information to citizens in state.

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