Brief summary of history of anti-corruption crusader Yogi M. P. Singh


Social Worker & Anti-Corruption Crusader Yogi M. P. Singh 

Human Rights Defender & R.T.I. Activist

Prominent teacher of Maths and Physics for students belonging to higher education. Field of teaching District-Mirzapur, specially Mirzapur city, Uttar Pradesh, India, PIN Code-231001.

Hobby-To become voice of vulnerable section and safeguard their Human Rights from encroachers. 

Motives-Betterment of society, Promote a corruption free governance in states and country. Pro bono service to weaker and downtrodden section. Full faith in authority of God and work as his representative. 

My academic qualifications may be summarised as follows.

1-I completed my high school from mahashakti High school Bihasara Mirzapur in science stream.

2-intermediate degree was taken from Mauni Swami inter College Shrinivas dham inter College, Mirzapur.

3-I pursued my bachelor degree in physics chemistry and maths in Kanhaiya Lal Basant Lal post graduate college Mirzapur.

4-I completed my MSc in mathematics from tilakdhari post graduate college Jaunpur.

Thus I had completed my regular academic career in 1993 from the tilakdhari post graduate college Jaunpur.

I taught degree college students mathematics and physics for a long duration of 20 years.

During this period I was also active in social activities concerning betterment of society.

Since the year 2018 I renunciated the job of teaching and fully devoted to the cause of human rights protection. To struggle for the  safeguard human rights is my hobby.

My attachment is also with the yoga practices so on the the basis of my experience I had written a book on the yoga how to enhance spiritual power published in 1998. 

Now with my team I am completely dedicated to the betterment of society and human rights protection. 

A man is great by his deeds and character. Believe in yourself and identify your potencies as need of hour is to bring mesmarized and misled people to path of truth. Better society should be our motives where our natural rights may be safeguarded. 

 I am thankful to those who contributed me to reach at this stage and specially to my readers who are providing me support and also thankful to those who have provided the opportunity to fight against the corrupt practices of the governments.

My crusade against corruption is based on my own ideology and I am follower of my own ideologies.

My best wishes to readers and contributors.

                                                                                  Yours well wisher 

                                                                                                                              Yogi M. P. Singh 

Mobile Number-7379105911


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