27 attached Fair Price Shops and 22 vacant in rural area and it continues which means cancellation and restoration is lucrative source of income
Kamlesh Singh aggrieved with illogical and inconsistent reports of S.D.M. Sadar again submitted complaint on PMO portal to restrain muscle men
D.S.O. Mirzapur is silent on 27 attached Fair Price Shops and 22 vacant shops as they are reaping black income of 27 F.P.S. directly ipso facto
Yogi government is procrastinating in providing damages due to electrical accident to Dayanand Singh who suffered loss of Rs.50000
In the name of cleanly drive mission, Namami Gange is providing flying dust particles contaminated the environment by breaking most roads
S.B.I. deducted M.I. of amount Rs.8200 from cash credit account of Sudarshan arbitrarily without adjusting margin money into term loan account
Executive Engineer EDD II Mirzapur A.K. Singh says that he cannot tell why 40 metres wire left open by not replacing by the cable as not of tenure
Think about unfair dealings of the google ads that it charges arbitrarily without providing services quite obvious from screen shots and billing
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