Amazon online shopping harassing innocent customers to make them Amazon Prime subscribers.


Last Login Time: 2024-04-22 02:20:24

Grievance Details

Grievance Number: 5713389

Grievance Reg Date: 2024-04-22 02:20:24

Complainant Name : Yogi M. P. Singh Mahesh Pratap Singh Complainant Contact No : 7379105911

Mode : By Web Complaint Type : Complaint

State : UTTAR PRADESH Purchase City : Mirzapur

Sector : E- Commerce Category : Online Shopping

Grievance Company : Company Name :

Govt Dept / Regulator :

Product / Service Type: Nitro PDF 14 Pro Genuine PDF Editing Software (Lifetime / 1 PC) (Instant Delivery) Order no: 407-6586912-8188336

Transaction id: Order #407-6586912-8188336 Date of purchase / transaction: 2024-04-21

Mobile Number or Email id registered with company: 7379105911 Complaint No / Ref no.:

Amount Paid: Rs.1849.00.  

Company Details seller GPL Games, Amazon online shopping Pincode (Company):

Product Value(INR) : 1000-10000 Nature of Complaints : Deficiency in Services

Grievance Details : The matter concerns the cancelling of a purchase made by the applicant on the Amazon online shopping and then refund of the amount that paid by your applicant. The order ID of the purchased item is as follows. Order #407-6586912-8188336 The other summary of the purchased item by the applicant is as follows. Item Subtotal: -Rs.1,799.00, Shipping & Handling: - Rs.50.00, POD Convenience Fee: Rs.0.00, Shipment Total: Rs.1,849.00, Paid by UPI: Rs.1,849.00. From the first page of the attached PDF document, it is quite obvious that the item was sold by seller GPL Games. The applicant paid the Rs.1849 from the Google Payment UPI ID The product details are as follows. Nitro PDF 14 Pro Genuine PDF Editing Software (Lifetime / 1 PC) (Instant Delivery) Amazon online shopping had to ensure the delivery of the product/ purchased item up to 9 pm in the evening yesterday but they did not do so. In general, software is dispatched by Amazon online shopping on the registered email of the customer. When the applicant visited the site to see the status of the delivery then this message displayed on the screen of the computer that you may cancel the item on the next day. When the applicant visited on the site of the Amazon online shopping and made effort to cancel the item by the refund of the paid amount then information displayed on the screen of the computer that you may cancel the item on the next day. Please take a glance at the message. Now expected by 23 April We are very sorry that your delivery is late. If you have not received your package by tomorrow, you can come back here the next day for a refund. This is a cunning trick to harass the customers who have not taken the subscription of Amazon Prime membership. Finally, the applicant wants that they must refund the paid amount after cancelling the purchase of the item.

Status :  In Process  

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