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Executive engineer EDD II must tell the reason of not removing 40 meters open wire when entire open wires removed from Surekapuram colony
New transfer policy formulated by government to promote good governance, but departmental heads avoid providing information concerning it
More than two beegha of wheat crop burnt because electrical accident and Tehsil Sadar submitted its report but Ex. En. made objections
Executive engineer EDD II, A. K. Singh submitted inconsistent report on Jansunwai portal in matter concerning large scale theft of electricity
When the copy of F.I.R. is compulsory to provide damages in electrical accidents, then F.I.R. must be registered by station officer, Dayanand Singh
Executive engineer EDD II, A.K. Singh is not interested to make comment on the large-scale theft of electricity, so he is running away from matter
Lalit Mohan Kasera facing atrocity of offenders because police are not adopting logistic approach in matter and submit arbitrary reports
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