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Think about credibility of Tahsil Sadar, procrastinatinating in transferring property to inheritors after death of deceased
Matter was disposed of online on 29/09/2021 while the R.T.I. request was submitted on 15/12/2019 reflects lawlessness and anarchy
Rumours mongers are playing vital role in our society whether it may be formation of government or destroying career of honest people
Whether it is not arbitrariness on the part whatsapp that it has repeatedly closed the whatsapp account unnecessarily
S.S.P. Prayagraj/ Allahabad through its PIO may provide the information concerned with funds spent in police station Mauaima
Assistant Development Officer Baharia still not provided information to Vivek Singh as directorate panchayat raj still procrastinating
Thanks to development of Modi Sir, Municipality Mirzapur city is not making a 80 feet drainage in the name of development
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