Largest donation of rupees 7000 crore through electoral bonds was provided to ruling BJP party alone greater than all political parties in country

 Future Gaming and Hotel Services, the largest buyer of electoral bonds, has donated Rs 509 crore to Tamil Nadu's ruling party DMK. The latest data of the Election Commission revealed this on Sunday.

The Election Commission on Sunday made public the latest data on electoral bonds, which was submitted to the Supreme Court in a sealed cover. Future Gaming and Hotel Services, the largest buyer of electoral bonds, has donated Rs 509 crore to Tamil Nadu's ruling party DMK. Know which party has received how much donation.

It is quite obvious that we are facing difficulties in analysing the donations through electoral bonds provided by the donors to the political parties in India.

If Future Gaming and Hotel Services donated Rs 509 crore to Tamil Nadu's ruling party DMK, then what is its objective?

Future Gaming donated the most

 Lottery king Santiago Martin's Future Gaming was the largest buyer of electoral bonds worth Rs 1,368 crore, of which about 37 per cent went to DMK. Other major donors to the DMK include Megha Engineering with Rs 105 crore, India Cements with Rs 14 crore and Sun TV with Rs 100 crore.

Here this question rises that where is gone rest of the Rs.1368 crore of the lottery king Santiago Martin?

Citizens of this country have right to know how the illegal trade of gambling/lottery is mushrooming in this largest democracy in the world?

According to the latest data released by the Election Commission, BJP received the maximum donation of Rs 6,986 crore through electoral bonds. It is noteworthy that BJP has received maximum donations as compared to other political parties. After that TMC of West Bengal received Rs 1397 crore in donations. Whereas Congress received donations of Rs 1334 crore and BRS received donations of Rs 1322 crore.

The Bharatiya Janata Party encashed electoral bonds totalling ₹6,986.5 crore; of which ₹2,555 crore were received in 2019-20.

Our great prime minister self declared most honest prime minister of this largest democracy in the world must disclose the feedback about largest donations provided to his party by the donors disproportionate to known source of income of the donors.

It is quite obvious that BJP has extorted largest donations from the donors which is greater than the sum of entire political parties is a matter of concern for the people in this largest democracy in the world.

Regional parties are also not behind in cashing electoral bonds

 If we look at other regional parties, Odisha's Biju Janata Dal (BJD) received Rs 944.5 crore in donations through electoral bonds. DMK received donations of Rs 656.5 crore and YSR Congress received donations of Rs 442.8 crore. JD(S) received donations worth Rs 89.75 crore, including Rs 50 crore from Megha Engineering, the second largest buyer of electoral bonds.

 TDP raised Rs 181.35 crore, Shiv Sena Rs 60.4 crore, RJD Rs 56 crore, Samajwadi Party Rs 14.05 crore through electoral bonds, Akali Dal Rs 7.26 crore, AIADMK Rs 6.05 crore, National Conference Rs 50 lakh through electoral bonds. Redeem.

Supreme Court had given instructions

 In fact, State Bank of India has issued electoral bonds worth Rs 16,518 crore in 30 installments since the launch of the scheme in 2018. Earlier, the Supreme Court had directed SBI to hand over the information about electoral bonds purchased from April 12, 2019 to the Election Commission. SBI is the authorized financial institution to issue electoral bonds.

SBI had handed over the data

 SBI on Tuesday evening submitted to the Election Commission the details of the entities that had purchased electoral bonds and the political parties that had encashed them. According to the apex court order, the Election Commission had to publish the information shared by the bank on its official website by 5 pm on March 15.

What did SBI say in the affidavit?

 Earlier, SBI had filed an affidavit before the Supreme Court on Wednesday, stating that between April 1, 2019 and February 15 this year, donors purchased a total of 22,217 electoral bonds, out of which 22,030 were encashed by political parties. The affidavit stated that details including date of purchase of each electoral bond, name of the purchaser and denomination of the bond purchased have been furnished.

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  1. Still there is no transparency and accountability in disclosure of the electoral bonds because of the lacuna and cryptic dealings in the working of the public authority State Bank of India. These electoral bonds must be investigated under the monitoring of the apex court of India in time bound manner.

  2. इस समय दो ही प्रमुख मुद्दे हैं इस राष्ट्र में पहला मुद्दा इलेक्ट्रॉनिक वोटिंग मशीन का है और दूसरा मुद्रा इलेक्टोरल बांड का है यदि मोदी सरकारी ईमानदार है तो दोनों मुद्दों पर ईमानदारी से निर्णय ले यदि भागेगी तो लोगों के दिमाग में गलत संकेत जाएगा

  3. Electoral bond is the largest corruption ever committed by our political masters, but it is most unfortunate no action is being taken by the Modi government in the centre which is a mockery of the law and cannot be tolerated by citizens of this country. Our democracy has reached in its worst state.

  4. Lottery king Santiago Martin's Future Gaming was the largest buyer of electoral bonds worth Rs 1,368 crore and it's a larger part going to the accounts of ruling BJP party at the centre headed by our great prime minister Narendra Damodar Das Modi which means our government provided full support to this lottery king. Which is the root cause fraudulent activities are rising in our society and government staff are not taking action against such fraudulent elements because of the criminalisation of the society by the government itself.

  5. It reflects the deep rooted corruption in the Modi government but most surprising thing is that our supreme court of India is not taking cognizance of this corruption which was done in the form of electoral bond by the Modi government at the centre.

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