Ramesh Pal (Assistant ROC) sought explanation from CLUB HIGH SKY (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED regarding fraudulent activities

M/s CLUB HIGH SKY (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED is not refunding application money of CA Ravi Pratap Singh 

Grievance Status for registration number : DCOYA/E/2024/0001313

Grievance Concerns To

Name Of Complainant

Yogi M. P. Singh

Date of Receipt


Received By Ministry/Department

Corporate Affairs

Grievance Description

Corporate Affairs >> Investors Greivance >> Non-Refund of application money

Complete and Correct name of the company : M/s CLUB HIGH SKY (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED

CIN : Not Provided

State : ROC UP

The following application for the refund was made before the fraud company but they did not respond.

From: Ravi Pratap Singh (raviuday2002@gmail.com)

Date: Sun, 22 May, 2022, 6:58 pm

Subject: Cancellation and refund of amount paid for Club High Sky membership

To: (support@theclubhighsky.com)

Dear Club Hugh Sky Team,

We paid INR Rs.126000 to you by Credit Card/ Debit Card on 02/05/2022 for the membership of Club High Sky membership for 10 years. This payment was done at Hotel Kanishka, Manali while we were on vacation.

Actually this whole discussion/ conversation for membership was not done fairly, first one person had brought the hotel in a different context and then step by step we were forced to one Hall where all this conversation and payments were held.

During discussion, your sales representatives Mr. Udit Khanna and Mr. Prince Sharma told us that you can use the benefits of this membership immediately after payment and complete membership Kit and Card will be dispatched to your correspondence address within 2-3 days. Also all details of your membership will be sent on your email ID on the next working day. After making payment, your marketing representatives have provided a copy of approval form and one agreement but in agreement without any unique number.

Now more than 20 days have passed, still we have not received any communication either on email nor on correspondence address. Your marketing person is most of the time not picking our calls and also not responding to WhatsApp messages timely. Due to all this, we were not able to use membership benefits even after making full payment.

Considering all this and your service level at this beginning point, we could not go for a 10 year relationship. Please cancel our membership request and refund the full amount paid to you immediately.

For your ready reference, I am attaching the copy of the approval form and agreement provided to us at the time of payment.


CA Ravi Pratap Singh

Mobile - 9769800294

Grievance Document

Current Status

Case closed   

Date of Action



This office has been already inform to you the matter taken up with company and reply is awaited




Rating Remarks

Think about the gravity of situation staff of the registrar of company Kanpur is saying that the matter concerns the services provided by the company which cannot be entertained by them. If any violation has been made by the company under the company act, then staff of the registrar and company Kanpur will entertain the matter. It must be noted that wrongdoer company did not provide any services to the consumer/customer so it is confirmed that concerned staff is escaping from the matter by not touching the core issue of Fraudulent activities of the company which cannot be allowed under the company law. Here it has been confirmed that concerned company is a cheater and under the company law a cheater cannot be allowed to do business on the soil of this largest democracy in the world. This is a humble request of the applicant to cancel their licence of the company which is indulge in the fraudulent activities to cheat the innocent and gullible people in the name of hotel services.

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Appeal Text

This office has already informed you the matter taken up with the company and reply is awaited. The mitre concerns the deep rooted corruption and providing the licence to the cheating companies whose sole motive is to cheat innocent and Gullible people. I have submitted the application for the refund of application money because of the incredibility of the concerned company registered under the company law in the office of registrar and company Kanpur indulged in the fraudulent activities. Whether the company registered under the company law in the office of registrar of company Kanpur may be allowed to cheat the innocent and gullible citizens, quite obvious from the activities of the company under consideration. Whether the cheating company booked any property during this long span of time which has provided a lengthy chatting with the consumer by its staff. It is quite obvious that office of the registrar of company Kanpur is seeking explanation from the staff of the company but they are not providing any written explanation and in order to arbitrarily close the grievance concerned company provided the WhatsApp chatting and the staff of the registrar of company Kanpur submitted this WhatsApp chatting on the public grievance portal which reflects deep rooted corruption in the working of the public authority. Under the company law, a fraud company can be provided a licence as done by the office of the registrar of company Kanpur. It is quite obvious that since the beginning the integrity of the company staff and its dealing was doubtful which is the root cause the applicant is seeking refund from the If the company will be allowed to carry on its fraudulent activities, then more people will be cheated by the staff of the company which sole motive is cheat the innocent and gullible people must be curbed by the staff of the company Kanpur. company from the initial stage.

Current Status

Appeal Received

Officer Concerns To

Officer Name

Ramesh Pal (Assistant ROC)

Organisation name


Contact Address

37/17 westcott building, the mall, KANPURKanpur

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To see the attached document to the grievance, please click on the link


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