Second attempt to grab land of Ashok Maurya by gram pradhan within one week and indecent treatment of S.D.M. Sadar

Grievance Status for registration number: GOVUP/E/2024/0017690

Grievance Concerns To

Name Of Complainant

Ashok Kumar Maurya

Date of Receipt


Received By Ministry/Department

Uttar Pradesh

Grievance Description

The matter concerns the indecent behaviour of the sub divisional magistrate Sadar in the dealings when the applicant made call to tell him regarding the grabbing of the transitory land of the applicant and other family members by the husband of the Gram Pradhan of the village panchayat.

1-It is submitted before the most respected sir this is second attempt by the husband of the gram pradhan to usurp the transitory land of the applicant and family members within this week.

2- It is noticeable that the first attempt made by the husband of gram pradhan on the 8th March 2024 which is quite obvious from the complaint made by the applicant on the public grievance portal of the Government of India.

3-The applicant made the call to district magistrate Mirzapur to disclose the story of land grabbing by the husband of the gram pradhan but she suggested to make contact subdivisional magistrate Sadar as the matter is closely connected to subdivisional magistrate Sadar for immediate action in the matter.

4-It is quite obvious that police reached on the site when the applicant made dial on phone number 100 which is quite obvious from the photograph of the concerned sub inspector on the first page of that has PDF document to the grievance.

5-The applicant has the photography with videography of the entire episode, but it is most unfortunate that subdivisional magistrate has grudge with the applicant because the applicant submits grievances on the public grievance portal of the Government of India which is not liked by subdivisional magistrate Sadar quite obvious from his indecent tone ridiculous sentences in the audio tape of conversation.

Think about the gravity of situation entire land of the village panchayat belonging to the government has been sold by the lekhpal and other staff to the land grabbers and now they are playing cunning tricks to usurp the transitory land which is used for the purpose of vegetation.

Grievance Status for registration number : GOVUP/E/2024/0017032

Grievance Concerns To Name Of Complainant Ashok Kumar Maurya

Date of Receipt- 08/03/2024, Received By Ministry/Department-Uttar Pradesh

Grievance Description-This application concerns the working of the sub divisional magistrate sadar, district-Mirzapur who could not direct the concerned lekhpal and revenue inspector to do the pakki Pai Mise of the land to destroy the root of controversy. In the year 2022, entire formalities completed by the deceased father of the applicant and treasury challan of Rs.1000 was also made but what was the loss is covered under carpet.

वरासत बाद सं0 20231619901000003036 रा0नि0 जिगना के आदेश दिनांक 20.05.2023 ग्राम बिहसडा खुर्द के खाता सं0 62,49 के मृतक खातेदार मुरलीधर के स्थान पर धन देवी पत्नी मुरलीधर व ओमनरायन मौर्य व श्यामनरायन मौर्या व संतोष कुमार व अशोक कुमार मौर्य पुत्रगण स्व0 मुरलीधर नि० बिहसडा खुर्द का नाम बतौर वारिस दर्ज हो। ह0रा0नि0दि0 20.05.2023

Inheritance case number- 20231619901000003036, According to order of Revenue Inspector Jigna dated 20.05.2023, in place of deceased Khatedar Murlidhar of account no. 62, 49 of village Bihasda Khurd, the name of Dhan Devi wife Murlidhar and Omnarayan Maurya and Shyamnarayan Maurya and Santosh Kumar and Ashok Kumar Maurya sons of late Murlidhar resident of Bihasada Khurd should be recorded as heirs. Signed by Revenue Inspector on 20.05.2023

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Grievance received   

Date of Action


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Forwarded to

Uttar Pradesh

Officer Name

Shri Bhaskar Pandey (Joint Secretary)

Organisation name

Uttar Pradesh

Contact Address

Chief Minister Secretariat , Room No. 321, U.P. Secretariat, Lucknow

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Beerbhadra Singh

To write blogs and applications for the deprived sections who can not raise their voices to stop their human rights violations by corrupt bureaucrats and executives.


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  1. It is quite obvious that government is failed to recover the penalties imposed by Uttar Pradesh state information commission because of the rampant corruption in the working of the public authorities so need of our is there may be complete overhauling of the government machinery so that there maybe transparency and accountability in the working of the government machinery.

  2. Right to property is the fundamental rights of any individual here ancestral land of the applicant is being usurped. Who had given the permission to the husband of gram pradhan of the village panchayat Biharasada Khurd.

  3. There are lands of the government in each revenue village for road and other developments but it is most unfortunate that the staff of the department of revenue sells those lands through cryptic dealings and when there is no land then there is no other option that gram pradhan may grab the land of private individuals must be stopped.

  4. यह तो बहुत बड़ा अत्याचार है योगी सरकार का किसी की भूमिहारी जमीन पर प्रशासन द्वारा एक तरह से कब्जा किया जा रहा है और जो खुद प्रशासन की जमीन है अर्थात सरकार की जमीन है उसे पर दबंगों ने कब्जा कर डाला है

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