Kiran Singh submitted representation against arbitrary report of assistant police commissioner Krishna Nagar Lucknow in matter of land grabbing

Grievance Status for registration number : GOVUP/E/2023/0056429

Grievance Concerns To

Name Of Complainant

Kiran Singh

Date of Receipt


Received By Ministry/Department

Uttar Pradesh

Grievance Description


Assistant Commissioner of police, Krishna Nagar circle

Police Commissionerate Lucknow

Subject-Please act against your subordinates who are submitting in consistent pirate reports in the matter causing multiple complaints on the matter because of laxity of your subordinates.

Short submissions in the matter are as follows.

1-Please take the perusal of the second page of the attached PDF documents to the grievance which is showing that the dereliction of the duty of your subordinates. Your subordinate has submitted clutters in the form of report which is highly objectionable.

2-It is submitted before the Honourable Sir that Sir may take the perusal of the 5th page of the attached PDF documents to the grievance which is an agreement between the landlord and the applicant dated 14th of April 2005. Agreement was made in the Krishna Nagar police station before the accountable policy staff. In which landlord itself accepted that registry of the land was done to the Kiran Singh and 16 feet road will also belong to the Kiran Singh and the landlord will never interfere with it. It is noticeable that police have been habitual to tell bundles of Lies in the report because the applicant on number of occasions submitted the paper of the registry before the accountable staff of the police.

3-Lucknow to police is habitual to take the law of land under teeth. First it supported the land grabbers to grab the private road of the applicant by overlooking the direction of the sub divisional magistrate and now suggesting the applicant to take shelter of the sub divisional magistrate while the grabbing took place with the help of the concerned chowki in-charge and the Krishna Nagar police station.

4-If the applicant is defaulter, then why the Lucknow police is running away ram the inquiry into the matter of land grabbing by high powered team. This land grabbing has full support of the in-charge of the Krishna Nagar police station and concerned Chauki in-charge and same are investigation officer in the matter which is the root cause of such 3rd grade reports. It is noticeable that here opposition party also belong to police.

5-Whether justice is not available in the police Commissionerate Lucknow against the atrocity of the police which are habitual to take the law of land under teeth? How can it be justified that assistant police commissioner may accept the reports of the subordinates by keeping his eyes and ears closed?

Following is the report of assistant commissio

The summary of the investigation is the allegations/allegations in the complaint letter. The complaints have been mentioned, point-wise report on them:

 Sir, it is requested that the complaint application was processed, and the records of the police station Haja were examined, then the allegations mentioned on the applicant's application were investigated earlier by Sub-Inspector Shri Arjun Singh and the story was sent. The allegations levelled by the applicant are related to the land. A plot owned by Mrs. Kiran with a total area of 2615 square feet which was purchased by Mrs. Shimla Devi wife Ram Sahay. Smt. Vidyavati W/O Late Radheshyam resident 39 Laxman Puri Faizabad Road was from Lucknow, out of which Manoj Kumar Solanki and Kamla Dayal had sold 700 square feet of land. The application of which has been rejected on 05.01.2022. The applicant was asked to submit her forms in this regard, but she has not been able to submit any documents related to the land. Unnecessarily, they are telling the 16-foot path in each of the bad lands. Since the application is being made by the applicant. The applicant does not have any land related documents for the allegations nor is she submitting any form. The cases are related to revenue, it is possible to dispose of the application of the applicant only based on the details mentioned in the revenue records. It does not seem appropriate for the police to take any action. Apart from this, instructions have also been received from time to time by the higher authorities not to interfere in the matters related to land without the interference of revenue officers, in which DG Circular No. 10/2023 was also mentioned in the earlier investigation, but still the applicants are deliberately giving applications for unnecessary harassment. The allegations made by the applicant are related to the land, so in the said regard, the applicant has been again informed that the matter has been resolved by the revenue officers.

Agreed with the report. The report is transmitted.

 I agree with the story. The report is submitted for perusal.

 Number: ST/ST ACPK - IGRS ()2023

 Date August 22, 2023

 Assistant Commissioner of Police Krishnanagar, Lucknow.

Vide attached document to the grievance for more details.

Grievance Document

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Uttar Pradesh

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Shri Bhaskar Pandey (Joint Secretary)

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Uttar Pradesh

Contact Address

Chief Minister Secretariat , Room No. 321, U.P. Secretariat, Lucknow

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To see the attached document to the grievance, click on the link

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