RTI portal of Government of India did not send registration number of the RTI application even after successful payment of RTI fee from bank

Grievance Status for registration number : DOPAT/E/2023/0011106

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Yogi M. P. Singh

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Personnel and Training >> Others >> Other Miscellaneous Matter

The matter concerns dilapidated state of RTI portal as the applicant submitted RTI application two times and RTI fee deducted from the account of the applicant two time but RTI portal did not send the registration number of the RTI application on the registered mobile number and on the registered email.

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If the query of the does not get resolved through, helprtionline-dopt@nic.in or 011-24622461 ,

then they may contact below mentioned officials.

O/o.JS (IR) DoPT, Room No.215/C, North Block New Delhi-110001 Email: dirrti-dopt@nic.in

Under Secretary (IR) Room No.278/A North Block New Delhi-110001 Email: usir-dopt@nic.in


Honourable sir maybe pleased to take a glance off the transactions made by the applicant from his bank account belongs to the State Bank of India.

This is the first payment made by the applicant

8 Aug 2023 TO TRANSFER-INB RTI Online


This is the second payment made by the applicant.

8 Aug 2023 TO TRANSFER-INB RTI Online

Payment- PNBNKR20230000002479IK0CKAVBG9TRANS

How can it be justified that the applicant made 2 transactions and payment was made successfully from the bank account, but it is most unfortunate that no registration numbers were sent by the RTI portal of the government of the India?

Here with this RTI application the applicant is seeking information from the central public information officer of the Punjab National Bank and RTI application is attached to this grievance.

On the one side of screen our public functionaries are claiming to provide good governance to the people of this country but in this good governance people are not succeeding in utilising the public services being provided by the Government of India. Whether in good governance such 3rd grade services are provided by the government?

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Ms. D. S. Nagalakshmi (Deputy Secretary)

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Room No. 222, DOPT, North Block, New Delhi

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