Kamlesh Singh submitted representation before executive engineer EDD II for recovery of penalty from offender indulged in theft of electricity


Grievance Status for registration number : GOVUP/E/2023/0054985

Grievance Concerns To

Name Of Complainant

Kamlesh Singh

Date of Receipt


Received By Ministry/Department

Uttar Pradesh

Grievance Description

An application under Article 51 A of the constitution of India to make inquiry regarding the recovery of the Electricity duty and penalty imposed on the Dileep Singh S/O Raghuvar Dayal Singh which is quite obvious from the communication exchanged from the executive engineer electricity distribution division second Mr Rajesh Kumar as follows. Both Hindi and English version of the communication are given below for the perusal of the honourable Sir.

Short submissions of the application are as follows.

1-Think about the gravity of situation theft of electricity was caught red handed in the premises being done by Dileep Singh on 2nd September 2021. Whether department is not adopting lackadaisical approach in the recovery of electricity charges and penalties imposed.

2-I do not think that there is any loss if the recovery a of the electricity charges and imposed penalties is carried out from Dileep Singh son of Raghuvar Dayal Singh. Procrastination on the part of the department is only showing the dereliction of the duty of the concerned accountable staff.

3-If the matter becomes old then its importance lowers down so it is a humble request of the applicant to take action in the matter with dedication to the duty so that recovery may be carried out smoothly.

For the more details, please take the perusal of the following communication submitted by the executive engineer electricity distribution division second Mr Rajesh Kumar on the Jansunwai portal of the government of Uttar Pradesh.

Office Executive Engineer Power EDD II. Purvanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited, Fatha, Mirzapur Letter No. 2615 -

Subject:- Regarding PG Portal Reference No. 60000230085071.

वि0वि0ख0 - द्वि0 (मी0) / दिनांक 12-5-23 Superintending Engineer Electricity Distribution Board, Mirzapur. Regarding the complaint made by Shri Kamlesh Singh resident of village Kothra Kanit, Post- Srinivasdham, Development Block Chanvey, District- Mirzapur through PG Portal Reference No. 60000230085071 that the premises of the complainant were examined by the Police Enforcement Team, Mirzapur on 02.09.2021. After investigation, irregularities related to electricity theft were found on the premises of the complainant, in the wake of which an FIR has been lodged by the Police Enforcement Team, Mirzapur under Section 135 of the Indian Electricity Act 2003 at the Anti-Power Theft Police Station, Police Station - Mirzapur.

In the matter, revenue as electricity fee to be charged from Dileep Singh Rs.187746.00 decided provisionally and its recovery fee Rs.30000 thus total collection of revenue to be realised from Dileep Singh S/O Raghuvar Dayal Singh is Rs.217746.00.

कार्यालय अधिशासी अभियन्ता विद्युत वितरण खण्ड-द्वितीय. पूर्वान्चल विद्युत वितरण निगम लिमिटेड, फतहों, मीरजापुर पत्रांक 2615- विषय:-पी0जी0 पोर्टल सन्दर्भ सं0 60000230085071 के सम्बन्ध में। वि0वि0ख0 - द्वि0 (मी0) / दिनांक 12-5-23 अधीक्षण अभियन्ता विद्युत वितरण मण्डल, मीरजापुर। श्री कमलेश सिंह निवासी ग्राम कोठरा कंतित, पो०- श्रीनिवासधाम, विकास खण्ड छानवे, जिला- मीरजापुर द्वारा पी०जी० पोर्टल सन्दर्भ सं0 60000230085071 के माध्यम से की गई शिकायत के सम्बन्ध में अवगत कराना है कि शिकायतकर्ता के परिसर की जाँच पुलिस प्रवर्तन दल, मीरजापुर द्वारा दिनांक 02.09.2021 को किया गया। जाँचोपरान्त शिकायतकर्ता के परिसर पर विद्युत चोरी से सम्बन्धित अनियमितता पायी गयी जिसके परिप्रेक्ष्य में पुलिस प्रवर्तन दल, मीरजापुर द्वारा भारतीय विद्युत अधिनियम 2003 की धारा 135 के अन्तर्गत एण्टी पावर थेफ्ट थाने में विद्युत चोरी में प्राथमिकी दर्ज करायी गयी है जिसका प्रोविजनल राजस्व निर्धारण रु० 187746.00 एवं शमन शुल्क रु० 30000.00 कुल रू0 217746.00 है राजस्व निर्धारण एवं शमन शुल्क की सूचना विद्युत चोरी निरोधक, थाना- मीरजापुर को उपलब्ध कराया जा चुका है। शिकायतकर्ता द्वारा जहाँ तक आरोप-पत्र न्यायालय में भेजा गया है अथवा नहीं की बात कहीं गयी है, के सम्बन्ध में अवगत कराना है कि यह सूचना विद्युत चोरी निरोधक थाना, मीरजापुर से सम्बन्धित है। (राजेश कुमार) अधिशासी अभियन्ता

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Uttar Pradesh

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Shri Bhaskar Pandey (Joint Secretary)

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Uttar Pradesh

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Chief Minister Secretariat , Room No. 321, U.P. Secretariat, Lucknow

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Beerbhadra Singh

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