Modi government extending tenure of E.D. Chief whose subordinates arrested for alleged bribe of 5 crore rupees questions credibility


P.M. Narendra Damodar Modi says Preventive Vigilance is better than Punitive Vigilance, but his ideals are failed as steep hike in corruption

Where is the honesty in the working of the government no one can understand because if the staff of the investigating agency taking bribe to set scot-free to the offenders, then the integrity of the staff and the agency can be easily guessed.
Now it has been obvious that the central agencies under the control of Central Government are also preparing road map to fix it share in the matter concerning the corruption through such staff. It is most unfortunate that in this largest democracy in the world there is no transparent and accountable mechanism to curb the corruption in the public departments. It is quite accepted fact that countrymen changed the regime of the Congress because of corruption when this corruption is also prevails under the BJP regime then electorates of the country must think other option. Where are the Lokpal appointed by the central government to curb the corruption? It seems that Lokpal appointed by the central government are puppet in the hand of Central Government. There must be firm resolve to curb the corruption from the government machinery but the government under Modi lacks such resolve. Modi sir is assuring us to curb the corruption from the government machinery for 9 years and still he is assuring us to curb the corruption whether such election rhetoric are not lowering the credibility of our great prime I think that it is the root cause the conviction rate in the cases by the enforcement directorate has reached to nadir. Sach corrupt activity of the staff of the enforcement directorate supports the stand of the supreme court of India not to provide next extension to the chief of the enforcement directorate. Honesty must reflect in the working instead of articulating on the public platform that I am honest. Here most speak of honesty only on public platform but there working style is cryptic and mysterious which is the root cause this honesty does not reflect in their working.
CBI Books Senior ED Official For Taking Rs 5 Crore Bribery In Delhi Excise Scam Case
New Delhi: The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has registered an FIR against Enforcement Directorate (ED) Assistant Director Pawan Khatri in connection with an alleged bribery of Rs 5 crore by liquor businessman Amandeep Dhall to evade action in the excise policy scam case, officials said. Besides the two, the agency has also named assistant general manager of Air India Deepak Sangwan, CEO of Claridges Hotels and Resorts Vikramaditya, chartered accountant Praveen Kumar Vats and two others - Nitesh Kohar, a clerk in the ED, and Dhall's father Birender Pal Singh, they said.


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