Government of India has no proper mechanism against blatant misuse of PAN

If Modi government has to promote corruption, why are they wearing the mask of honesty and alleging oppositions corrupt in election campaign 

Yogi government overlooked matter concerning blatant misuse of PAN in name ministry of finance while Government of M.P. registered F.I.R.

Fraudulent transactions of Rs. 161206667 could not be checked by Uttar Pradesh police because chief minister office escaped from it

Grievance Status for registration number : MINHA/E/2023/0015733

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Yogi M. P. Singh

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Home Affairs

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Home Affairs >> Crime related (Records, prisons and cyber cell)

An inquiry to curb the blatant misuse of the PAN card by the fraudulent elements in India. Everyone knows that blatant misuse of the PAN card is resulting in the huge financial loss to the public exchequer in the Government of India because of the laxity of the financial institutions and the department of income tax of the Government of India.

In general it is advised that if you think that your pan card has been compromised then you immediately contact department of income tax in order to avoid the huge financial loss.

Fraudulent transactions of Rs.16,12,06,667 concerning my PAN linked with my Aadhar but corrupt staff of income tax streaming notices instead of checking blatant misuse of my PAN Card and my Aadhar linked with it. For the more details, vide attached documents to the grievance.

Undoubtedly the misuse of PAN is cheating which is a criminal offence and must be dealt by the police.

I raised the matter to the police of the Government of Uttar Pradesh but they told me their impotence by taking the recourse of the ministry of the finance according to them this matter must be dealt with the ministry of finance.

I made the complaint to the banking institutions and its regulatory body through the public grievance portal of the Government of India repeatedly also through the PMO portal but they did not take any action in the matter only try to mislead the applicant.

The central bureau of investigation kept itself aloof from the matter in the name by taking the pretext of the applicant had already made the complaint to the banking institutions and income tax of India.

I have submitted half century representations before the income tax of India alas they have no solution of it they are providing only one solution that you may say in writing before the department of income tax that these transactions does not belong to you.

My conclusion is that the Government of India has no solid and strong mechanism to curb the blatant misuse of the PAN of the innocent and gulli

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S. M. I. Tanvir (DDG Co-ord.II)

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Home Affairs

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5th Floor, Media Wing, NDCC - II Building New Delhi

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My conclusion is that the Government of India has no solid and strong mechanism to curb the blatant misuse of the PAN of the innocent and gullible people because it is a well planned method adopted for tax evasion having the blessings of the accountable public personnel.

Because of the corruption in the government machinery the personnel of the department of income tax has been incompetent enough to curb the blatant misuse of the PAN.

The government functionaries cannot impose its failure on the common people. How can a PAN be updated in 13 bank accounts and the department of income tax may be a mute spectator? Whether such practice is not reflecting the anarchy in the government machinery?

To see the attached document to the grievance, click on the link


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