Petition of Saurabh Singh registered U.P.H.R.C. as case 1085/24/4/2023 which means an enquiry against anarchy of S.H.O. MauAima


S.S.P. Prayagraj may provide information concerning anarchy of MauAima police station as workings are regulated by rule of anarchy

Malicious approach of Mau Aima police Prayagraj and C.O. Phoolpur must be checked by the commissioner of police Prayagraj Saurabh Singh


SHRC, Uttar Pradesh

Case Details

Diary No 1188/IN/2023 Case / File No 1085/24/4/2023

Victim Name SAURABH SINGH ALIAS RAJAN SINGH Registration Date 03/04/2023

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Diary No 1188/IN/2023 Section CHPR


Received Date 31/03/2023 Complaint Date 31/03/2023



Religion Hindu Cast General






District MIRZAPUR State UTTAR PRADESH ( 231001 )


Incident Place MAUAIMA POLICE STATION PRAYAGRAJ Incident Date 01/03/2023

Incident Category ABUSE OF POWER

Incident District PRAYAGRAJ (ALLAHABAD) Incident State UTTAR PRADESH

Incident Details


                                 Honourable chairperson / companion members                                                                                      State Human Rights Commission of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow

Subject-Saurabh Singh was mercilessly beaten by offenders and S.H.O. MauAima instead of registering F.I.R. of the victim put him in a lockup and registered false cases against not only the victim but his father as well by misusing his post and power. The injuries are reflecting at the bodily organs of the victim and quite obvious from the medical examination reports of the victim carried out by the MauAima police itself at the Phoolpur primary health care centre by the government doctor attached to the petition. Police arrest the offenders on spot so they must provide the following information which is yet to be provided by them as required under section 151 of Criminal Penal Code. 

 Description of Information Sought The matter concerns the application submitted by the Saurabh Singh alias Rajan Singh son of Tej Bahadur Singh village Saraijeet Rai urf pure Bhava police station Mauaima tehsil phoolpur district prayagraj. This application submitted before the station officer Mauaima on first March 2023 is quite obvious from the first page of the attached PDF documents to this RTI application. The rest of the three photographs attached to the PDF document showing the injuries on the body of Saurabh Singh son of Tej Bahadur Singh. 

A Public information officer in the office of senior superintendent of police district Prayagraj may provide the following information to the applicant. 

1-Please provide the action taken on the aforementioned application by the station officer Mauaima with the description of the sections of the Indian penal code. 

2-The applicant had made two calls to the circle officer Phulpur and told him the entire facts of the case. Please provide the action taken report in the matter by the circle officer Phulpur. 

3-Please provide a copy of the medical examination report of the medical test carried out in the primary health centre of the victim Saurabh Singh alias Rajan Singh son of Tej Bahadur Singh. 

4-Victim Saurabh Singh alias Rajan Singh son of Tej Bahadur Singh is in the custody of the Mauaima police. Please provide the date and time of arrest and place when the police detained the victim. 

5-Provide the details of the police staff which arrested the victim Saurabh Singh alias Rajan Singh son of Tej Bahadur Singh village Saraijeet Rai urf pure Bhava police station Mauaima tehsil phoolpur district Prayagraj. 

6-Provide the details of the articles found in the possession of the victim Saurabh Singh alias Rajan Singh son of Tej Bahadur Singh when the police arrested him.An application on behalf of Saurabh Singh alias Rajan Singh son of Tej Bahadur Singh village Saraijeet Rai urf pure Bhava, police station Mauaima, district Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh.

The matter concerns the working of the assistant police commissioner phoolpur district Prayagraj.The matter of fact is that opposite party mercilessly beat the applicant and when the applicant visited the police station, concerned police instead of registering the FIR against the offenders, concerned police put the applicant in lockup and when the application was submitted on behalf of the applicant against partiality in the working of Mauaima police, the police to wreak the vengeance registered a false FIR against the applicant and his father under the false charges of the Indian penal code showing blatant abuse power by the station officer of the Mauaima police station. The entire matter is in the cognizance of the circle officer Phoolpur but he is supporting the stand of the Mauaima police because of the department instead of an impartial approach. The applicant Saurabh Singh son of Tej Bahadur Singh made the queries in the court of assistant commissioner of police phoolpur Prayagraj on 29th of March 2023 quite obvious from the first page of the attached PDF documents. Please take a glance of the attachment to the grievance showing the lawlessness and anarchy of the MauAima police who are above the law.

The case was instituted by the Mauaima police under section 151, 107 and 116 of the criminal penal code in the day and in the same night at 9 PM nearabout they registered false case under various sections of India Penal Code on 1 March 2023 with false inclusion of the father Tej Bahadur Singh of the applicant.

Here it is quite obvious that the applicant is not talking about the foreclosure of the case registered against the applicant by the Mauaima police by adopting a partial approach in the matter. Here the applicant has only requested to the police that a first information report must be registered against the offenders who mercilessly beat the applicant. 

Instead of registering the first information report in the matter the applicant was put into lock up and his Bail was granted by the competent person on the next day. How can it be justified that police may register the false case against the victim in order to pressurize him? It is quite obvious that the concerned police are playing a dubious role in the matter. It is a humble request of the victim that a team of competent individuals should make enquiry in the matter to check the transparency and accountability in the working of the concerned police . Assistant commissioner of police phoolpur is also playing a cryptic role in the matter. 

The matter concerns land grabbing by the opposite party. The measurement of the Abadi land is more than one bigha. Its current price is more than 60 lakh rupees. Such a huge profit can create greed in the mind of any one.There are four stakeholders of this Abadi land in accordance with the law.

1-Rama Singh wife of late Chandrabali Singh.

2-Uma Singh wife of late Shiv Bahadur Singh

3- Suresh Singh Son of late Vijay Bahadur Singh

4-Tej Bahadur Singh Son of late Vijay Bahadur Singh

At present no one of the above stakeholders are living in the village therefore some neighbours are trying to grab the land by taking the local police under good faith. Is such a tendency in society justified? If someone is not using its piece of land then it may be grabbed by the neighbours, how can it be justified?

If the enquiry may be carried out by a senior rank officer, the nexus of police with the Land mafia may be exposed. If the police did not allow the following for the construction of the rooms, how can it allow land grabbers to grab the land and allow the change of status quo of the abadi land. Whether it is not human rights and constitutional rights violations of the aforementioned stakeholders? Where is law order in the state?

To see the attached PDF document to the grievance, click on the link

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