Microsoft company cheats customers through its partner cum dealer PS.SBS Lifetime License Store moreover no details of PS.SBS on website


Last Login Time : 2023-03-30 18:23:11

Grievance Details

Grievance Number: 4435918

Grievance Reg Date: 2023-04-12 12:06:02

Complainant Name : Yogi M. P. Singh Mahesh Pratap Singh Complainant Contact No : 7379105911

Mode : By Web Complaint Type : Complaint

State : UTTAR PRADESH Purchase City : Mirzapur

Sector : E- Commerce Category : Tele Shopping

Grievance Company : Company Name : Microsoft India (R&D) Pvt. Ltd. 807, New Delhi House, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi – 110001, India.

Product / Service Type: Life time Microsoft office 365 Order no: #SBS33492] (2022-12-24)

Transaction id: #SBS33492] (2022-12-24) Date of purchase / transaction: 2022-12-24

Mobile Number or Email id registered with company: Complaint No / Ref no.:

Amount Paid: 3,233.88  

Company Details PS.SBS Lifetime License Store Search for: Microsoft Lifetime Deals, email Pincode (Company):

Product Value(INR) : 1000-10000 Nature of Complaints : Wrong Promises

Grievance Details : PS.SBS Lifetime License Store Search for: Microsoft Lifetime Deals 

I have made contact with the seller three three times on the given email, unfortunately they did not fix the issue. 

Consequently they must refund the money if they do not want to give services which means microsoft arbitrarily blocked the services. I had paid them Rs.3,233.88 through Paytm. 

Following is the product details. Hi Mahesh Pratap Singh, We have finished processing your order. [Order #SBS33492] (2022-12-24) Product Quantity Price Office 365 - Worldwide Lifetime License | 5 Device (PC/Mac/iPhone/iPad/Android) 1 $39 (USD) Subtotal: $39 (USD) Payment method: Paddle Payments Total: $39 (USD)​

Amount *3,233.88 Rupees Three Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Three and Eighty Eight Paise Only Paid online using Debit Card to Paddle. 

Net* Ps.Sbs In PADDLE.NET* PS.SBS +448081781535GB0000000000 From Your Paytm Payments Bank A/c No. 917379105911 Paytm Bank 03:47 PM, 24 Dec 2022 Reference No.: 235810587499 Copy 

The following error message displayed on the computer screen of the Laptop.

 Something went wrong We couldn't sign you in. If this error persists, contact your system administrator and provide the error code CAA2000B. 

Additional problem information Error code: CAA2000B Correlation ID: 64b70d3b-ecf1-483c-822c-8a551f389828 Timestamp: 2023-04-11T14:32:48Z More information: Server message: AADSTS500014: The service principal for resource '' is disabled. This indicates that a subscription within the tenant has lapsed, or that the administrator for this tenant has disabled the application, preventing tokens from being issued for it. Trace ID: 89b16c2b-373b-4da6- bd06-d1b053250401 Correlation ID: 64b70d3b-ecf1-483c-822c-8a551f389828 Timestamp: 2023-04-11 14:32:48Z

Status :  In Process  

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