High court interferes in the matter of negligence of government hospitals regarding non admission of patients in the name of entire bed is full

Now it must be ensured that whether action would be taken after the direction of the chief minister Yogi Adityanath to its subordinates.

It is well known fact that government hospitals are only running on paper and patients are not looked after in these hospitals because of the mismanagement and corruption in the working of the government doctors who are indulged on the large scale private practice by connecting with the private nursing homes and clinics.

Now a days the poor patients came from rural areas with the lure to get remedy in the government hospitals at the less expenses are coerced to take shelter of the private nursing homes and clinics in which concerned doctors do practice which is unfair and illegal practice.

When the patients on the advice of the government doctors take admission in the same private nursing homes then these doctors cure the patients with devotion by charging huge fee and there are several such examples but when the complaints are made to the government then government do not take any action in such matters.

Undoubtedly the order has been passed by the high court of judicature in the wider public interest but it would be not implemented in letter and spirit by the government because of the rampant corruption in the working of the government. Government functionaries make the compliance of the order of the High court only through the print and electronic media not at the ground level. 

Now a days government hospitals have been the collection centre of the patients for the private nursing homes and clinics which is the source of the huge black income.

लखनऊ, हाई कोर्ट के हस्तक्षेप के बाद CM योगी का आदेश-

कोई भी अस्पताल मरीज को वापस नहीं करेगा, अगर सरकारी अस्पताल में बेड नहीं है तो निजी अस्पताल में मरीज को भेजा जाएगा और पूरा खर्च राज्य सरकार करेगी-नवनीत सहगल ACS सूचना

आपके शहर के जिम्मेदार फोन न उठाएँ तो सीधे इन नंबरों पर कॉल करके मदद मांगे क्योंकि अब किसी को तो जवाब देना ही होगा : 

Yogi Adityanath 

0522- 2236181, 2289010, 2236167, 2235435, 2235735, 2236838 

Keshav Prasad Maurya 


Brijesh Pathak

0522-2238088, 2213272

 उत्तर प्रदेश हाई कोर्ट के आदेशानुसार सभी जिलाधिकारी व्हाट्सआप पर ऑन लाइन कर दिए गए हैं ।सीधे डीएम के व्हाट्सएप पर शिकायत कर सकते हैं .उत्तर प्रदेश के सभी जिलों के जिलाधिकारियों के संपर्क...*

*District Magistrate Uttar Pradesh CUG*


*Sl.No District CUG No.*

*1 DM Agra 9454417509*

*3 DM Aligarh 9454415313*

*4 DM Allahabad 9454417517*

*5 DM Ambedkar Nagar 9454417539*

*6 DM Amroha 9454417571*

*7 DM Auraiya 9454417550*

*8 DM Azamgarh 9454417521*

*9 DM Badaun 9415908422*

*10 DM Baghpat 9454417562*

*11 DM Bahraich 9454417535*

*12 DM Ballia 9454417522*

*13 DM Balrampur 9454417536*

*14 DM Banda 9454417531*

*15 DM Barabanki 9454417540*

*16 DM Bareilly 9454417524*

*17 DM Basti 9454417528*

*18 DM Bijnor 9454417570*

*19 DM Budaun 9454417525*

*20 DM Bulandshahar 9454417563*

*21 DM Chandauli 9454417576*

*22 DM Chitrakoot 9454417532*

*23 DM CSJM Nagar 9454418891*

*24 DM Deoria 9454417543*

*25 DM Etah 9454417514*

*26 DM Etawah 9454417551*

*27 DM Faizabad 9454417541*

*28 DM Farrukhabad 9454417552*

*29 DM Fatehpur 9454417518*

*30 DM Firozabad 9454417510*

*31 DM Gautambudh Nagar 9454417564*

*32 DM Ghaziabad 9454417565*

*33 DM Ghazipur 9454417577*

*34 DM Gonda 9454417537*

*35 DM Gorakhpur 9454417544*

*36 DM Hamirpur 9454417533*

*37 DM Hapur 8449053158*

*38 DM Hardoi 9454417556*

*39 DM Hathras 9454417515*

*40 DM J.P.Nagar 5922262999*

*41 DM Jalaun 9454417548*

*42 DM Jaunpur 9454417578*

*43 DM Jhansi 9454417547*

*44 DM Kannauj 9454417555*

*45 DM Kanpur Nagar 9454417554*

*46 DM Kashiram Nagar 9454417516*

*47 DM Kaushambhi 9454417519*

*48 DM Kheri 9454417558*

*49 DM Kushinagar 9454417545*

*50 DM Lalitpur 9454417549*

*51 DM Lucknow 9454417557*

*52 DM Maharaj Ganj 9454417546*

*53 DM Mahoba 9454417534*

*54 DM Mainpuri 9454417511*

*55 DM Mathura 9454417512*

*56 DM Mau 9454417523*

*57 DM Meerut 9454417566*

*58 DM Mirzapur 9454417567*

*59 DM* *Moradabad9897897040*

*61 DM MRT 1212664133*

*62 DM Muzaffar Nagar 9454417574*

*63 DM Mzn 9454415445*

*64 DM PA Mujeeb 9415908159*

*65 DM Pilibhit 9454417526*

*66 DM Pratapgarh 9454417520*

*67 DM Raebareili 9454417559*

*68 DM Ramabai Nagar 9454417553*

*69 DM Rampur 9454417573*

*70 DM Saharanpur 9454417575*

*71 DM Sambhal 9454416890*

*72 DM Sant Kabir Nagar 9454417529*

*73 DM Sant Ravidaas Nagar*


*74 DM Shahjhanpur 9454417527*

*75 DM Shamli 9454416996*

*76 DM Shrawasti 9454417538*

*77 DM Siddhathnagar 9454417530*

*78 DM Sitapur 9454417560*

*79 DM Sonbhadra 9454417569*

*80 DM Sultanpur 9454417542*

*81 DM Unnao 9454417561*

*82 DM Varansi 9454417579*

 सीधे जिलाधिकारी से संपर्क। अपने सगे संबंधियों के पास भी भेजें।


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