Supreme court says process should be completed within 9 months from date of issue of their order


7. Further, on the application of Ministry of Cooperation in IA No. 56308 of 2023, Hon’ble 

Supreme Court has directed vide its order dated 29th March, 2023 the following: -
i. Out of the total amount of Rs. 24,979.67 Crores lying in the “Sahara-SEBI Refund Account”, 
Rs. 5000 Crores be transferred to the Central Registrar of Cooperative Societies, who, in 
turn, shall disburse the same against the legitimate dues of the depositors of the Sahara Group 
of Cooperative Societies, which shall be paid to the genuine depositors in the most 
transparent manner and on proper identification and on submitting proof of their deposits and 
proof of their claims and to be deposited in their respective bank accounts directly.
ii. The disbursement shall be supervised and monitored by Justice R. Subhash Reddy, Former 
Judge of this Court with the able assistance of Shri Gaurav Agarwal, learned Advocate, who 
is appointed as Amicus Curiae to assist Justice. R. Subhash Reddy as well as the Central 
Registrar of Cooperative Societies in disbursing the amount to the genuine depositors of the 
Sahara Group of Cooperative Societies. The manner and modalities for making the payment 
is to be worked out by the Central Registrar of Cooperative Societies in consultation with 
Justice R. Subhash Reddy, Former Judge of this Court and Shri Gaurav Agarwal, learned 
iii. The Hon’ble Supreme Court has directed that the process should be completed within 9 
months from the date of issue of their order.
8. Accordingly, a suitable transparent mechanism is being developed for inviting, verifying and 
disposing of legitimate claims of genuine depositors of Sahara Group of Cooperative Societies in 
accordance with directions of Hon’ble Supreme Court.

Grievance Status for registration number : PMOPG/E/2023/0126368

Grievance Concerns To

Name Of Complainant

Yogi M. P. Singh

Date of Receipt


Received By Ministry/Department

Prime Ministers Office

Grievance Description

Cooperation >> Central Registrar and Cooperative Society >> Multi State Cooperative Society related matters >> Registration related issues

Society Name : Saharayn Universal Multipurpose Society Ltd Bhopal

Reference number from MSCS Act : MSCS/CR/935/2014

An application on behalf of Om Prakash Maurya, S/O Bhai Lal Maurya to seek intervention of public functionaries in looting of hard-earned money Om Prakash Maurya by Saharayn Universal Multipurpose Society Ltd. The address of the applicant is Main Road Chaksaif, Kapoor Karpet Gali, District-Sant Ravidas Nagar Bhadohi, PIN Code. 221401, Mobile number-8756871222.

The matter concerns the Saharayn Universal Multipurpose Society Ltd. Registered under Multi State Societies Cooperative Act 2002 Regd. No.-MSCS/CR/935/2014 Regd. office 195 Zone-1, In Front Of DB Mail, M.P. Nagar Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh-462011. Receipt No.-34016622102, Authorized Centre-Bhadohi Sector, Received from-Mr Om Prakash Maurya A sum of contribution – Rs. 252689 in words Rs. Two Lakh Fifty-two thousand six hundred eighty-nine for more information, vide attached PDF documents to the representation.

More than 2 years passed but you could not be instrumental in providing the mature amount of Om Prakash Maurya which is reflecting deep rooted corruption in the government machinery. Various cunning tricks are being adopted to nullify the effect of the orders passed by the court which can never be justified in the wide public interest of the country. The aforementioned cheater company had assured the court that the company is in state to provide the money of the investors which are matured if the company may be allowed to do the business but not a single penny was repaid of the customers which is showing the anarchy in the government machinery.

Here this question arises that whether our government functionaries are in state to safeguard the rights of the countrymen? Cheaters are publicly looting the innocent and gullible people by taking the licence from the government which means state of anarchy in the country. There is no rule of law in this country but our country is being ruled by the anarchy quite obvious from the prevailing anarchy in the government machinery.

Grievance Document

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Case closed   

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Officer Name

Shri Shekhar Bose (Under Secretary)

Organisation name

Ministry of Cooperation

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Delhi Delhi Delhi

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