Reserve Bank of India did not take any action on the appeal in the matter of deep rooted corruption reflecting arbitrariness in the working

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Yogi M. P. Singh

Appeal Recieved Date


Reason Of Appeal

RBI is failed to take action in the matter because of corruption in the matter. My PAN Card linked with my Aadhar Number has been misused because of corruption. As regards CIBIL enquiries, the REs such as Clix Capital Services Private Limited and Capfloat Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. have informed that CIBIL enquiries were made as you had enquired/applied for loan/credit facility and the same cannot be removed. I have not applied for any loan and my PAN Card linked with my Aadhar card was updated in two SBI Accounts which is root cause of such problem. SBI did not take action in the matter yet. They are seeking loan account number from the applicant. How can applicant make available them loan account number if the loans were not taken by the applicant?

Appeal Status

Appeal Closed (On 21/06/2023)

Closing Remarks

Abhay Mittal (A.G.M) (Reserve Bank of India) replied 23 05 2023.

Grievance Details

Registration Number



Yogi M. P. Singh

Date of receipt



Mohalla Surekapuram Colony Shri Laxmi Narayan Baikunth Mahadev Mandir Shri Laxmi Narayan Baikunth Mahadev Mandir


Uttar Pradesh



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Not Provided

Grievance Description

Financial Services (Banking Division) >> Fraud

Department/Bank/Financial Institute : Department of Financial Services

Blatant abuse of PAN card linked to Aadhar card of the applicant by Financial

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Dear Mahesh Singh,

Unique Transaction ID: 601234587

Following is the true details of the applicant as- Personal details on the Credit Account, Date of Birth 22-06-1971, Gender- Male, Mobile- 7379105911, ID Type PAN , ID Number- GSWPS08540Q, Date of issue- 26/04/2016 Income tax department, INCOME TAX DEPARTMENTMAHESH PRATAP SINGHS/O RAJENDRA PRATAP SINGH, Date of birth -22/06/1971, Permanent Account Number-GSWPS0850Q

MP Singh


Neither of the these accounts not transactions which are given as follows as well as attached with the PDF documents to the grievance are concerned with the applicant. In case of loss/receipt of this card, please inform/return it to: Income tax Acct 1Lender- Manappuram Finance Limited, Account type-GOLD LOAN, Account number- 0132050700004308, Ownership-Individual, Date reported -30-06-2017Account status -CLOSED, Date opened- 14-06-2017Samsung amount / highest credit- 2,700

Details of Acct 2

Lender- State Bank of India, Account type- BL PRIORITY,SECTOR- AGRICULTURE, Account number -00000040191978538 Ownership Individual, Date reported -31-10-2022, Account status -ACTIVE, Date opened -24-05-2021, Current balance. 160708 rupees-1,60,708ERN1641738784662Telephone-9580928200Credit Institution Name- Cap Float Financial Services Pvt Ltd, Gender- Male, Application date-09-01-2022, Amount applied for- 60,000Duration of Agreement-12Many more transactions concerning various financial institutions are concerned with my PAN card number and Aadhar number which reflects anarchy in the government machinery. For more details a 10 page cibil report is attached to the grievance. Please take appropriate action against the concerned financial institutions and cheaters.

Grievance Document

Final Reply

The grievance raised in the complaint has been resolved through facilitation by the Ombudsman as per the Clause 14(9)((a)/(b)) of the Reserve Bank - Integrated Ombudsman Scheme, 2021

Final Reply Document

Communication Details

Sn. Date of Action Action From To

1 26/04/2023 RECEIVED THE GRIEVANCE You Prime Ministers Office

2 23/05/2023 CASE DISPOSED OF Reserve Bank of India You

To see the CIBIL report, click on the link


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