Purvanchal Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited is failed to curb theft of electricity because its staff itself facilitating theft of electricity by tricks


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शिकायत संख्या:-40019923012253

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विषय-Think about the gravity of the situation, the department of electricity, electricity distribution division second, executive Engineer Mr Rajesh Kumar has failed to supply electricity continuously because after half hour there is breakdown in the supply of electricity because of the overload. The system is tripping frequently is the matter of concern. In order to reduce the load they have to install the electronic meters outside the premises but because of the theft of electricity in which the department itself Indulged they are not doing so. It is most surprising that in the newly taken connections electronic meters are installed inside the premises to facilitate the theft of electricity. Our ongoing executive engineer electricity distribution division second Mirzapur Mr Rajesh Kumar did not make a single effort to curb the theft of electricity which is rampant in the district Mirzapur. If he has participated in any move in disconnecting the overdue connection holders then he must include his efforts in the report submitted by him to close this grievance cum complaint. As far as my knowledge is concerned he has not participated in any move to curb the theft of electricity which is not exemplary to the subordinates. An application under Artical 51A of the constitution of India to make enquiry in regard to the theft of electricity which is in full swing under the ambit of electricity distribution division second Mirzapur. Why the department of electricity distribution division second is not installing the electronic metres outside the premises of the electricity consumers in order to curb the theft of the electricity? When the applicant had earlier made the application in this regard then it was informed to the applicant that efforts are being made in this direction and 50 electronic metres has been installed outside the premises. It is most surprising that new connection holders are installing the electronic metres inside the premises which is matter of most surprising. Such practices must be controlled by the executive Engineer electricity distribution division second Mirzapur but he is not careful to curb the theft of the electricity quite obvious from his lackadaisical approach in the matter. There must be transparency and accountability in readings of the electric metres done by the meter readers and this meter reading will be easily accessible if the electric metres are installed outside the premises of the electricity connection holders. All those premises in which electric metres are installed inside the premises theft of electricity are in full swing. Such connection holders are indulged in the theft of electricity by operating coolers, fridges and air conditioners and later they manage the electricity bills by adjusting the electronic metres installed inside the premises. Everyone knows that if there will be overload in the supply then wires will be burnt and conductors will also burn. There must be equilibrium between supply and consumption of electricity and here the increase in the consumption of electricity is because of the theft of electricity. On the one side of screen to control the theft of the electricity Uttar Pradesh Power corporation limited promotes the installation of the electric meters outside of the premises so that there maybe transparency and accountability in measuring the readings of the electric meter but on the other side of his screen certain staff at the department of electricity itself promoting the

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