Chief minister office sends matter of corruption concerning LDA to police


Grievance Status for registration number : PMOPG/E/2023/0100553

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Yogi M. P. Singh

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Prime Ministers Office

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महोदय यहा पूर्ण रूप से भ्रष्टाचार है आप द्वारा हर शिकायत में एक ही आख्या दोहराई जा रही है जो किसी भी तरह से उचित नहीं है अब खुद अपनी आंखों से इस भ्रष्टाचार को देखा जा रहा है सोचिए माननीय उच्च न्यायालय के आदेश को आप द्वारा ठंडे बस्ते में डाल दिया गया मनमाने तरीके से भूखंडों का आवंटन किया गया दलित जाति के लिए जो भूखंड आवंटित है उनको आप द्वारा सवर्णों को दिया गया और आज जब जांच की बात हो रही है तो आप द्वारा भिन्न-भिन्न तरह से बहाने बनाए जा रहे

How can our chief minister claim honesty in the governance of corruption where government functionaries are reluctant to take action in the matter of corruption? The Pandora box of the Lucknow Development Authority is opened but the government of Uttar Pradesh is running away from the matter as a matter of concern. Does a man have the moral right to declare anarchy a good governance with the help of print and electronic media through advertisements having no courage to take action against corruption growing like jungle fire in the government machinery? Whether the medal of honesty

concerns deep-rooted corruption and the date when the committee formed more than one and half years passed but they are only procrastinating on the matter of serious allegations of corruption. The committee only seeks the document but never takes action in the matter because of corruption. Grievance Status for registration number : PMOPG/E/2022/0332338

If post, titles, rank and status reward privileges to a person, then honesty, sincerity and truthfulness of a person are also the ornaments of former. Unqualified individuals hanker after these privileges but failed to quench the thirst of these achievements. We are surrounded by the unqualified individuals who have made our lives hell.

Grievance Concerns To Name Of Complainant Yogi M P Singh

Date of Receipt 16/12/2022 Received By Ministry/Department Prime Minister Office

If the High court ordered to decide the title suit, why did the Lucknow development authority execute the registry without deciding the title suit? It is a bitter truth that our system has been insensitive because of the rampant corruption.

An application on behalf of Dinesh Pratap Singh S/O Angad Prasad Singh under Article 51 A of the constitution of India.

Lucknow development authority, lower court Lucknow and Lucknow police took under their teeth the order passed by the Lucknow bench of the high court of judicature at Allahabad.

I pray before the Honourable Sir order dated 07-03-2006 passed by Justice B.B. Agarwal of Lucknow bench of the High court of judicature at Allahabad It is simply ordered that the respondent number 4 to 7 shall open the lock of the staircase so that Smt Anuradha Singh the petitioner may come out of the house and take the proper and appropriate remedy in the competent court and after that, she may have the liberty to go anywhere. Respondent 1. Dept. of home 2-Police commissioner Lucknow 3-SHO police station -Ashiana,

Moreover, Honourable Justice in its order said that the raised matter is civil and amenable by filing a title suit before the court or authority.

It is most surprising that the subordinate court is running away from taking perusal of an order dated 07-03-2006 passed by Justice B.B. Agrarwal of Lucknow bench of the High court of judicature at Allahabad and office monitoring body running away from transparency and accountability ipso facto.

Whether Lucknow development authority will disclose this fact that which court of law provided the civil remedy in the matter and decided the title suit between the Anuradha Singh and Dinesh Pratap Singh if not done so on what basis registry was carried out without taking the reference of the high court order which was mandatory for the Lucknow development authority to comply with the order passed by the highest court of law in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Lucknow Development Authority again overlooked the matter of deep-rooted corruption quite obvious from its report submitted on PG Portal.

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अधीनस्थ अधिकारी के स्तर पर निस्तारित अनुमोदित जांच आख्या संलग्न है

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Think about the gravity of situation that one year 11 months passed since the date committee was formed by the Lucknow development authority to make enquiry regarding the execution of the registry and to check the irregularities in the allocation of the plots. Undoubtedly it is reflecting the insolence of the concerned staff of the Lucknow development authority and deep rooted corruption in the working of the Lucknow development authority but repeated representation of the public spirited person having no impact on the accountable public functionaries of the Lucknow development authority which is a mockery of the law of land must be cure by the government functionaries working at the chief minister office. Everyone knows that our chief minister Yogi Adityanath is claiming to provide the good governance and corruption free governance but where is corruption free governance if there is tyranny and arbitrariness in working of government departments and Lucknow development authority is its model.

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Shri Bhaskar Pandey (Joint Secretary)

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Government of Uttar Pradesh

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Chief Minister Secretariat , Room No. 321, U.P. Secretariat, Lucknow

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