Router was dysfunctional since 21th Sept, complaint made on 06th Oct, it was replaced on 9th Oct now work of B.O. resumes


Functioning of Sangmohal Post Office disrupted for one week because of router and batteries in all branch offices are dysfunctional

Grievance Status for registration number : DPOST/E/2023/0029335

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Mahesh Pratap Singh alias Yogi M. P. Singh

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Post Office : 231001


The price of a router is Rs.1100 and it paralyzed the work of a branch office for one week reflects development in the country.  In the current management no work could be performed without the Internet because offline functioning of the post offices have been stopped by the government. The matter concerns the mismanagement in the Department of post in district Mirzapur under the supervision of superintendent of post, district- Mirzapur. I had to do a speed post today therefore I went to Sangmohal Post Office which is merely 750 Metres away from my dwelling place. Therefore I preferred to go on foot. When the applicant asked them to do the speed post, the concerned staff of the Department of Post told the applicant that the router is not working so the entire work of the branch office is paralyzed for one week. It was also told the applicant that the battery is also not in working condition so far the computer work they rely on the supply of electricity. If the power supply is disrupted in the district as usually takes place then function of the branch office is also paralyzed and customers impatiently wait for the resumption in the supply of electricity. I asked them to manage so that I may succeed to do the speed post, They told me that there is no other option when I compelled them to arrange a speed post,  then they talked with their counterpart at the Pathrahia branch office. It was most unfortunate that light had gone in that area and Battery was not working so he assured that when this power will resume they would do the speed post. The applicant again travelled the same distance to reach at Pathrahia Branch Office and the applicant was lucky that power supply had been resumed but when the concerned staff opened the computer to do so the speed post server had been closed because at that time it was 20 minutes past 2:00 o clock. If the light had not gone and the computer was not already closed then it was feasible that the server of the Department of post

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It is quite obvious from the report of the Department of post that entire work of the branch office was paralyzed on 21st September 2023 and router was replaced on 9th October 2023 then work of the branch office resumed properly. This report itself implies that entire work of the branch office was paralyzed for 20 days even when the public-spirited person submitted the application before the accountable staff through the public grievance portal of the government of India. This shows the quantum of sensitivity of the government to the problems of the common people in the country when the political masters claim to provide good governance in the country. Undoubtedly it is a mismanagement in the Department of post which is quite obvious from the minute defect in the computer system could not be corrected in more than 20 days showing failure of the governance. There is lack of sensitivity of public staff to problems of public which is cause of poor delivery of public services in country.

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Masoom Raza Rashdee (Assistant Director of Postal Services)

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Postmaster General Allahabad

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3rd Floor Prayagraj Head Post Office Building Civil Lines S N Marg Prayagraj

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If the light had not gone and the computer was not already closed then it was feasible that the server of the Department of post might work. Now the applicant had no other option except to reach at the head post office where I did the speed post, quite obvious from the first page of the attached pdf document. This is a developed India under the regime of Modi Sir.


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