In online cheating of Rs.53000 from account of Mahima Singh, S.B.I. arbitrarily closed appeal, moreover they denied to take documents


Appeal Details

Appeal Number



Yogi M. P. Singh

Appeal Received Date


Reason Of Appeal

There is no doubt that the direction of the accountable staff of the State Bank of India will be complied by the aggravated applicant but it was obligatory duty of the staff of the bank they had to proceed in the matter so that timely action may reap some positive result in the matter. It is quite obvious that they are more interested to deviate the things in other directions instead of reaping a positive result in the matter which is quite obvious from their lackadaisical approach in the matter. Whether it was not obligated duty of the staff of State Bank of India to make inquiry into the matter with the counter bank and made efforts to secure the amount transferred into the account of fraudulent elements. Everyone knows that genuine transactions made by the customers to genuine merchant but State Bank of India do not allow those transactions if they have no understanding with the State Bank of India but it is dead sure that if the fraudulent elements will get transfer of the money into their accounts from the account of innocent and gullible people then it will be transferred smoothly from the account in the State Bank of India of the victim. Whether it is not cryptic and mysterious dealings of the State Bank of India? It was the job of the regulatory body reserve Bank of India to make inquiry into the matter of fraudulent activities committed with financial transactions but they did not do so and threw the ball in the court of a state Bank of India which will only procrastinate into the matter. It is expected from the State Bank of India to take a steps in Favour of the customer so that process of reversal of the money into the account of the aggrieved applicant Mahima Singh may be initiated by following the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India.

Appeal Status

Appeal Closed (On 21/09/2023)

Closing Remarks

Customer has been suitably advised. Appeal is disposed off.

Officer Concerns To

Officer Name

Ravi Kumar V. R. Majumdar (CHIEF GENERAL MANAGER)

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State Bank of India

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Yogi M. P. Singh

Date of receipt



Mohalla Surekapuram Colony Shri Laxmi Narayan Baikunth Mahadev Mandir Shri Laxmi Narayan Baikunth Mahadev Mandir


Uttar Pradesh



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Not Provided

Grievance Description

Financial Services (Banking Division) >> Fraud

Department/Bank/Financial Institute : Reserve Bank of India

An application under Article 51 A of the Constitution of India on behalf of Mahima Singh D/O Dayanand Singh to seek inquiry in the matter of cheating and website of the department of home concerning cyber-crime is not working quite obvious from the registration of the applicant But could not succeed to submit the complaint finally.

In relation to the money LOOTED from the account from the applicant by the fraudulent syndicated tantamount to cyber-crime. Sir, It is requested that the applicant Mahima Singh, D/O Shri Dayanand Singh, resident of Village and Post-Nibi Gaharwar, police station- Vindhyachal, district- Mirzapur, had applied for online job, in the name of applying for the job, a message came to me on my WhatsApp number- 8940737808 where I was asked to join Telegram. Money was demanded from here. On 29.08.2023, Rs. 53000/- (fifty-three thousand) were withdrawn from the account of aggrieved applicant transferred in several instalments in 3 accounts of the fraudulent elements, one by one, from her account number 40819880157, name of the bank- State Bank of India, Dunkin Ganj, District- Mirzapur. First the amount starts with Rs 1000/-, second time it is Rs 1000/-, third time it is Rs 2000/-, fourth time it is Rs 10000/-, fifth time it is Rs 30000/- and sixth time it is deposited with Rs 9000/-. Even after depositing so much, more money is being demanded in the name of job. As I do not have money at present, I urged them to return my money, I do not want to do a job and do not want a job and return my money to me. But they are saying that until I do not send the money as told by them, they will not send my money anyhow. The details of the deposited account in which fraudulent elements deposited the cheated amount of money from the account of the applicant are as follows-

Name-Trishulya Mathapathy Bank account number79060099387 Name of bank Telangana Rural IFSC Code SBIN0RRDCGB amount of money Rs.2000.

Please take action abruptly to be instrumental in justice.

Grievance Document

Final Reply

advised suitably, copy enclosed.

Final Reply Document

Communication Details

Sn. Date of Action Action From To

1 06/09/2023 RECEIVED THE GRIEVANCE You Department of Financial Services (Banking Division)

2 06/09/2023 REMINDER RECEIVED FROM COMPLAINANT You Department of Financial Services (Banking Division)

3 15/09/2023 CASE DISPOSED OF State Bank of India You

To see the attached document to the grievance, please click on the link


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