Modi government is really showing honesty through raids of income tax


A team of Income tax raided at all the locations of Narayan Das Sarafa in Varanasi, the team also reached home, people are talking about whether the income tax department will take action in the matter or only showing off.

 Varanasi.  The Income Tax Department team raided the premises of prominent jewelry trader Narayan Das Sarafa.  The Income Tax officials who arrived with the police force took possession of the house and showroom.  Team officials scrutinized the documents and tax details.  Narayan Das Sarafa is accused of tax evasion worth crores in the gold business.  Banaras officials were also included along with the Lucknow team.  There is a rumour among Narayan Das's close relatives after the raid that few may come under the grasping of this checking.

 On Tuesday morning, on the instructions of Principal Director Investigation Meeta Singh, Deputy Director Investigation Alok Singh, Deputy Director Sudhakar Shukla, Income Tax Officer JP Choubey, Income Tax Officer Ajay Srivastava along with many Income Tax personnel of Varanasi reached the residence of Narayan Das Saraf.  Giving information about the action taken at the Bhelupur residence, the team gathered all the family members in the hall below.  Deposit everyone's mobiles and laptops.  After this, action was started after talking to Narayan Das.  The team first took possession of the laptop and mobile phone of the gold showroom.  Narayan Das's son presented before the team the details of gold sale and purchase in the last two years.  Narayan Das's showroom was closed and his accountant was also called by the team to his Bhelupur residence.

People are talking about whether it is real action on the part of the income tax of the Government of India or only an stunt to show the honesty of the government. It is a well known fact that an election which is to be held in 2024 is forthcoming and such a stunt by the government of Honourable Modi Sir as usually done during the election time and state assembly elections in the few States are going to be held in the next months.

Undoubtedly it is a welcome step on the part of the department of income tax of the Government of India if there may be transparency and accountability in the dealings of the department. We welcome such steps of the government on the path of honesty and expect that people indulged in the tax evasion will be booked by the department of income tax honestly.


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