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                    When I was appearing for my argument on 20th date October, they rejected me and the court officials lied to me that the defendant present in the court hall. This was a big lie and the justice Angel should take the sword and punish them for not respecting her in the court itself.

Further to the letter written by me, I am to inform the following for your necessary action.

1.Our  Advocate Sumathi never came for all hearing. She is dodging for ulterior motives.

2. Madurai Principal sessions judge does not know the rules of Execution petition and has postponed the case O.S.414 /2021 for a total of 320 days for ulterior motives even after two court orders were released for vacating the house. What a shame!

3.The Principal sessions Judge should read Section 8 and 21 of Cr.P.C. which clearly tells the rules of Execution petition. There is no need to call for another meeting as per Cr.P.C. Ask him to go through the rules and follow it.

4.The Defendant never attended for any of the hearings for two court orders and for E.P. What is the use of postponing the order?

5. You should correct the situation in

your courts. Everybody there want to delay court orders for ulterior motives. It is against law and order.

6. In spite of two court orders Defendant Ramakrishnan who is staying illegally in my house, did not vacate my house in Periyar veedhi ,Melamadai,Shanmuga Bhavan even after  320 days  of court order.

7.It is a shame Tamil Nadu courts are like that 

8.Send our Executive order immediately. This is as per Cr.P.C. only.


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