Assistant police commissioner Phoolpur and S.H.O. Mauaima submitted same parrot, arbitrary and inconsistent report on portal


Grievance Status for registration number: GOVUP/E/2023/0059954

Grievance Concerns To

Name Of Complainant

Mahesh Pratap Singh alias Yogi M. P. Singh

Date of Receipt


Received By Ministry/Department

Uttar Pradesh

Grievance Description

An application under Article 51 A of the Constitution of India on behalf of Saurabh Singh S/O Tej Bahadur Singh to make inquiry concerning with the application to register first information report.

Please do not pressurise the victim by submitting clutters in the form of report concerning false First information report registered as a conspiracy against the victim and his father.

The aggrieved applicant only wants to know the progress in the matter in which he was mercilessly beaten by the offenders not about the false first information report registered against the victim and his father.

Honourable Sir may be pleased to order an inquiry into the matter of deep rooted corruption caused false first information report against Saurabh Singh and his father and to register first information report of the Saurabh Singh S/O Tej Bahadur Singh who was mercilessly beaten by offenders quite obvious from the medical examination report attached to the grievance.


Honourable commissioner of police

District-Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh

Subject-Mauaima police may register the F.I.R. of Saurabh Singh S/O Tej Bahadur Singh.

Please do not mention the investigation report of police in case of Nirmala Singh W/O Jang Bahadur Singh registered as a conspiracy to suppress the voice of the victim Saurabh Singh S/O Tej Bahadur Singh.

In the following grievance, assistant commissioner of police Phoolpur district- Prayagraj submitted an arbitrary and inconsistent report in the following grievance which is attached as the first page of the attached pdf documents to the grievance.

Grievance Status for registration number: GOVUP/E/2023/0053673

Grievance Concerns To Name Of Complainant-Yogi M. P. Singh

Date of Receipt- 14/08/2023 Received By Ministry/Department-Uttar Pradesh

Grievance Description-The applicant submitted the following grievance on the Jansunwai portal of the Government of Uttar Pradesh on 2nd of March 2023 before the assistant police commissioner Phoolpur district Prayagraj.

How the matter of fact that Sourabh Singh son of Tej Bahadur Singh was mercilessly beaten by the offenders and the representation was submitted on behalf of him by his father to register a case against the offenders was overlooked by police? More than dozen grievances were overlooked by the police by submitting the story of the false First information report registered by the Mauaima police on the ground of a fabricated story. The applicant wants to know that whether the first information report has been registered by the SHO against the offenders. The medical examination report of Saurabh Singh S/O Tej Bahadur Singh is attached to the grievance which proves that serious injuries inflicted to him.

Here the role of the police is cryptic and mysterious which must be checked by ordering proper inquiry into the matter. Think about the gravity of situation assistant commissioner of police Phoolpur is submitting arbitrary and inconsistent reports on the Jansunwai portal of the government of Uttar Pradesh and on the public grievance portal of the government of India. Think about the anarchy in the working of the assistant commissioner of police Phoolpur district Prayagraj who Instead of registering the first information report of the victim they registered the case against the victim by colluding with the offenders and when the submissions made on behalf of victims they provide the description of the investigation report made in the case of offenders how can it be justified? It is most unfortunate that those claim on the public fora to provide the good governance to the people in the state and also claim to provide justice and curb the corruption from the government machinery itself accept the arbitrary and inconsistent reports of the corrupt public functionaries working in the government machinery.

Grievance Document

Current Status

Case closed   

Date of Action



अधीनस्थ अधिकारी के स्तर पर निस्तारित श्रीमान जी जाँच आख्या सादर सेवा में प्रेषित है महोदय आख्या संलग्न हैं janch akhya sanlgn hai श्रीमान जी जाँच आख्या सादर सेवा में प्रेषित है

Reply Document




Rating Remarks

Mauaima police registered a false case to pressurize the victim instead of registering the case of Genuine victim showing inscrutable face. Undoubtedly this matter reflects the deep-rooted corruption arbitrariness and Tyranny in the working of the police in the district Prayagraj Uttar Pradesh. When the applicant categorically stated in the grievance that in the report do not mention the case of the Nirmala Devi instead you must provide the reason why the concerned police did not register first information report in the matter of mercilessly beating to the victim Saurav Singh, but they are deliberately providing the same parrot reply which is reflecting anarchy in the working of the police. If the police in the state of Uttar Pradesh will become so insolent, then how the justice will be available to the common people in the state? Our motive is good governance, but this good governance reflects in address of the political masters when they address print and electronic media.

Appeal Details

Appeal Number

Date of Receipt

Appeal Text

Current Status

Officer Concerns To

Officer Name

Shri Bhaskar Pandey (Joint Secretary)

Organisation name

Government of Uttar Pradesh

Contact Address

Chief Minister Secretariat , Room No. 321, U.P. Secretariat, Lucknow

Email Address

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