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Sub: Indifferent attitude of Shresthar and other staff including Judge

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Sub: Indifferent attitude of Shresthar and other staff including Judge

Ref: E.P=143/2023,VAITHA=20 OCT.2023

SUIT NO.414/21

I am the Power of attorney holder of the Plaintiff, P. Balasubramanian in place of Umapthy who is unwell.

The Advocate Sumathy never appeared for our cases even I tried her two mobile numbers and Women bar council directly to contact her but failed to meet her.

The Sub-court did not call me for arguing and instead they postponed the case to 15 Dec.2023 illegally. First 20 days I tried to give the petition for this purpose, but they have not taken and even I tried to write the letter on the representation date, but they intentionally not called me or the plaintiff's name for the appearance. Then I met the judge and requested for my presence and present the case but he asked me to call the lawyer. I arranged lawyer for my case, he asked 200 INR for opening case files. He left and then I approached judge again in the afternoon and argued the case. Finally they have taken my letter but the case postponed 15 Dec 20123. But they said they will not take any action on my letter frankly in the office of the sub court KK Nagar for the EP 143/23 representation.

Thanking you

Dr. S. Sudalai Kumar M.Sc.,Ph.D.,


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