Indian Post Payment Bank raised charge back issue before the Federal Bank, but Federal Bank rejected it

Grievance Status for registration number: PMOPG/E/2023/0174620

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Yogi M. P. Singh

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Prime Ministers Office

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The matter concerns the banking fraud of Rs.4999 which has been transferred to Federal Bank.

An application on behalf of Keshav Pratap Singh son of Rajendra Pratap Singh under Article 51 A of the constitution of India against the cheating committed by the fraudulent elements.

The address of the aggrieved applicant is as follows.

Village and Post Nibi Gaharwar police station-Vindhyachal and District Mirzapur

The matter concerns the fraudulent transaction of rupees 4999 from IPPB Account-059610182519 to the account Opened by the fraudulent elements in the federal bank whose last 4 digit is 6073 quite obvious from the first page which is the attached screen sort to the attached pdf documents to the grievance.

The description of the matter is as follows.

The wife of the applicant Abha Singh made call by her mobile number-9628993985 to the customer care number-155260 Who introduced to her as the customer care of Indian post payment bank named Sumit Kumar and this number was bounce to the new number-6290226995.

The last portion of the conversation has been taped by the wife of the applicant.

This is a humble request of the applicant to make inquiry into the matter and freeze the account in which money of the applicant has been transferred by the fraudulent elements.

PDH documents attached to the grievance, contains passbook of Indian Post Payment Bank and attached screenshot of the fraudulent transactions.

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The CSRM (CR927380) has been closed with remarks – “After reviewing the OTP Log, it is evident that transaction authenticated with PIN and customer shared PIN to execute the transaction.” This means the customer has himself shared the OTP after which the transaction happened. Fraud chargeback was raised against the transactions on 6th Sept, 2023 but the same has been rejected by the beneficiary bank on 6th Oct, 2023 with reason code – “132-Others”.




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Fraud chargeback was raised against the transactions on 6th Sept 2023 but the same has been rejected by the beneficiary bank on 6th Oct 2023 with reason code 132-Others. Think about the gravity of the situation absolutely one month taken by the private bank Federal Bank in responding to the Indian post payment bank which means something is wrong and why private bank federal bank in which money was transferred by the fraudulent elements was procrastinating on the issue? Finally, the denied reverting the money into the original account which is a mockery of the law of land and promoting the fraudulent elements who are committing cyber-crimes in the society. If anyone will analyze the matter, then he can easily guess such activities are being promoted in our society because of the dereliction of the duty of public staff and corruption prevailed in the working of the government departments. Where is good governance if the money of public is not safe in the banks because of corruption.

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There must be transparency and accountability in the dealings of the public authorities and it is obligatory duty of the concerned staff of the bank to tell the proper reason of not refunding or reverting the cheated amount to the original account of the victim. Whether the growing activities of the cyber-criminal activities because of the corruption in the banks will not frustrate the people of the country who deposit their hard earnings in the banks. Instead of solving the matter by taking action against the fraudulent elements more efforts on the part of government staff is to cover the matter under the carpet.

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Ms. Manisha Sinha (DDG PBI)

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India Post Payments Bank

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DDG PBIDak BhawanNew Delhi

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Following is the detail of the fraudulent transaction done by cheaters.

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Rs 4,999

Rupees Four Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Nine Only

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Keshav Pratap Singh


Federal Bank - 6073

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Keshav Pratap Singh

India Post Payment Bank - 2519

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Paid at 04:32 PM, 31 Aug 2023 UPI Ref No: 360923623234 Copy

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Please refund the money to the original account Bhai d branch manager concerned of the Federal Bank.


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