Hand written amount of Rs.27823 as electricity provided to genuine customer by staff of U.P.P.C.L. Mirzapur whose bill was paid timely


संदर्भ संख्या : 40019923019871, दिनांक - 07 Sep 2023 तक की स्थिति

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शिकायत संख्या:-40019923019871

आवेदक का नाम-Yogi M P Singh

विषय-An application on behalf of Arun Pratap Singh SO Rajendra Pratap Singh concerning the working of executive engineer electricity distribution division 2nd Mr Rajesh Kumar and Jigana powerhouse station especially Arjunpur feeder. At least he should do the homework before issuing the notice to the big defaulters if such notices are served to genuine consumers because such notice is not a subject of dignity. Such notices become the cause of humiliation in the society. Whether the arbitrariness and tyranny in the working of the staff of the Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited its local office district-Mirzapur may be tolerated? An application under Article 51A of the constitution of India to make enquiry concerning the indiscipline of a staff of the department of electricity. Arbitrariness and tyranny in the working of the staff of the department of electricity in the local office of the Uttar Pradesh Power corporation limited, is quite explicit. This is tantamount to indiscipline to send the notice of a high amount bill on the plain white paper without mentioning the proper name and address by the accountable staff of the department of electricity working at Jigna powerhouse station development block Chhanbey district Mirzapur. This happened with my younger brother Arun Pratap Singh SO Late Rajendra Pratap Singh, village and post- Nibi Gaharwar, police station- Vindhyachal, development block- Chhanbey, district- Mirzapur PIN code 231303. Hand written amount of Rs.27823, two staff of your department, one of them belongs to Village and post office- Nibi Gaharwar and other belongs to the village panchayat and post office-Nandini and rest of the addresses are the same as above. According to them this bill amount, belongs to my younger brother Arun Pratap Singh but the factual position is that the electricity bill in the name of Arun Pratap Singh is up to date. Arun Pratap Singh said that this will does not belong to him because his name is Arun Pratap Singh and in the bill the name written is Arun Kumar Singh but both the staff of the department of electricity were adamant because they were conveyed with the message by the senior rank staff belonging to the district Mirzapur as their Sahab cannot be wrong. The matter was resolved after the interference of the staff of the department of electricity belongs to Gaura village panchayat who performs the works concerning the meter reading in the power house Jigna. Please provide the name and designation of the staff of the department of electricity who used to serve such notices to the defaulter consumers which is full of dereliction of duty. Both the staff told him that the house belongs to Yogi M PC. Singh but the concerned accountable staff of the department of electricity said that, that is why I am sending you to them. Most respected Executive Engineer Sir, with the same arrogance he must tell his name and designation to the applicant so that next proceedings can be initiated against him by the applicant till the proper disposal of the matter. Without proper authentication and due address a high amount of dues bill to serve in public to dignified consumers is insulting and cannot be done by an accountable officer. Executive Engineer sir you cannot take action in the matter but let you tell me the name and designation of the staff so that action may be taken against him by pursuing the matter at the high level. Whether the boasting and show off has been an integral part of daily p

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