Police of Yogi Adityanath Sir is not registering F.I.R. in online cheating of Rs.53000 with Mahima Singh reflects failure of law and order

 Grievance Status for registration number : GOVUP/E/2023/0063856

Grievance Concerns To

Name Of Complainant

Mahima Singh

Date of Receipt


Received By Ministry/Department

Uttar Pradesh

Grievance Description


Senior sub-inspector, Kotwali Katra, District-Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, PIN Code 231001

To register F.I.R. under cheating and I.T. Act.

On 29.08.2023, Rs. 53000/- (fifty-three thousand) were withdrawn from account of Mahima Singh in several instalments in 3 accounts of fraudulent elements in the name of providing Job.

संदर्भ संख्या : 40019923019509 , दिनांक - 18 Sep 2023 तक की स्थिति

आवेदनकर्ता का विवरण :शिकायत संख्या:-40019923019509, आवेदक का नाम-Mahima Singh

क्र.स. सन्दर्भ का प्रकार आदेश देने वाले अधिकारी अग्रसारित दिनांक नियत दिनांक अधिकारी को प्रेषित आदेश स्थिति

1 अंतरित ऑनलाइन सन्दर्भ 02-09-2023 02-10-2023 क्षेत्राधिकारी / सहायक पुलिस आयुक्त-क्षेत्राधिकारी , नगर ,जनपद-मिर्ज़ापुर,पुलिस कार्यालय स्तर पर लंबित

सन्दर्भ संख्या:- 40019923019508

लाभार्थी का विवरण नाम Mahima Singh पिता/पति का नाम Dayanand Singh

सन्दर्भ संख्या:- 40019923019512

लाभार्थी का विवरण नाम Mahima Singh पिता/पति का नाम Dayanand Singh

from: mahima singh mahimasinghmzp11@gmail.com

to: Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh yogimpsingh@gmail.com

date: 3 Sept 2023, 15:23

subject: Re: Docdigrmir@nic.in, "spmzr-up@nic.in" spmzr-up@nic.in, ps-cybercrime.mi@up.gov.in, sp-cyber.lu@up.gov.in Please forward the matter to the in-charge cyber-crime to register ion First information report in the matter of cheating by the fraudulent elements.

Public information officer in the piece of anti-cybercrime cell Lucknow may provide the following information to the information seeker pointwise as follows.

1-Provide the reason of not forwarding the email Representation of Mahima Singh to the public authority anti-cybercrime cell Mirzapur.

2- Provide the action taken report on the above email sent by the aggravated Mahima Singh to the anti-cybercrime cell Lucknow.

3- Provide the name and designation of the staff of the anti-cybercrime cell Lucknow who are processing the email representation of the victim Mahima Singh.

4- Please provide the span of time taken by the anti-cybercrime cell of police to register a first information report in the case of cybercrime.

5- State Bank of India in which by account of the victim is opened is not taking any action in the matter because first information report is not registered by the anti-cyber crime cell of the police.

Please provide the reason of not registering the first information report by the Mirzapur Police in the matter if first information report is mandatory in cyber-crime for action by concerned public authorities in the matter instead of sending an email to the fraudulent elements.

To, Mr. Superintendent of Police, District Mirzapur. Subject: In relation to the money LOOTED of the account from the applicant by the fraudulent syndicated tantamount to cyber-crime. Sir, It is requested that the applicant Mahima Singh, daughter of Shri Dayanand Singh, resident of Nibi Gaharwar police station Vindhyachal district Mirzapur, had applied for online job, in the name of applying for the job, a message came to me from WhatsApp number 8940737808 where I was asked to join Telegram. Money was demanded from here. On 29.08.2023, Rs. 53000/- (fifty-three thousand) were withdrawn in several instalments in 3 accounts of the fraudulent elements from the account of the applicant, one by one, from her account number 40819880157, name of the bank, State Bank of India, Dunkinganj, Mirzapur. First the amount starts with Rs 1000/-, second time it is Rs 1000/-, third time it is Rs 2000/-, fourth time it is Rs 10000/-, fifth time it is Rs 30000/- and sixth time it is deposited with Rs 9000/-. Even after depositing so much, more money is being demanded in the name of job.As I do not have money at present, I urged them to return my money, I do not want to do a job and do not want a job and return my money to me. But they are saying that until I do not send the money as told by them, they will not send my money either. The details of the deposite

Grievance Document

Current Status

Grievance received   

Date of Action


Officer Concerns To

Forwarded to

Uttar Pradesh

Officer Name

Shri Bhaskar Pandey (Joint Secretary)

Organisation name

Uttar Pradesh

Contact Address

Chief Minister Secretariat , Room No. 321, U.P. Secretariat, Lucknow

Email Address


Contact Number


To see the attached document to the grievance, please click on the link

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