Home ministry of Modi Sir government is insensitive to matter of corruption quite obvious from arbitrary report in complaint.

Grievance Status for registration number: MINHA/E/2023/0016488

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Yogi M. P. Singh

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Home Affairs

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Home Affairs >> Crime related (Records, prisons and cyber cell)


It is noticeable that staff of the income tax states in the report that the applicant must contact to the bank to make inquiry while Bank says that in 13 Bank accounts in which my pan card is attached only one of them belongs to the applicant and other belongs to the3rd parties and bank is not able to provide information in regard to third party. NSDLhas updated my pan card into numerous bank accounts belonging to anonymous individuals.

Grievance Status for registration number : MINHA/E/2023/0015733, Grievance Concerns To Name Of Complainant-Yogi M. P. Singh, Date of Receipt-08/08/2023, Received By Ministry/Department-Home Affairs

An inquiry to curb the blatant misuse of the PAN card by the fraudulent elements in India. Everyone knows that blatant misuse of the PAN card is resulting in the huge financial loss to the public exchequer in the Government of India because of the laxity of the financial institutions and the department of income tax of the Government of India.

In general, it is advised that if you think that your pan card has been compromised then you immediately contact department of income tax in order to avoid the huge financial loss.

Fraudulent transactions of Rs.161206667 concerning my PAN linked with my Aadhar but corrupt staff of income tax streaming notices instead of checking blatant misuse of my PAN Card and my Aadhar linked with it. For the more details, vide attached documents to the grievance.

Report submitted by department of income tax is as follows.

Based on below comments of AO and duly endorsed by range head, PCIT, CCIT and Pr. CCIT, the CPGRAM is being closed:

The assessee has claimed that fraudulent transactions of Rs.16,12,06,667 concerning his PAN linked with his Aadhar has been made by some person. He claimed that he has not made those transactions. Such matter as claimed should be brought to the notice of concerned bank in which the person holds account and it is beyond the purview of this department. Hence disposed of.

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As per comments by the CCIT, Allahabad on 29.08.2023,

In this case, as per assessee in banking institution his pan card was updated in different bank accounts of the anonymous persons because of the rampant corruption in the working of department of income tax as well as in the working of the financial institutions and its regulatory body Reserve Bank of India. But as per banking norms the PAN card number is updated by the bank account holder on his/her own, this office has nothing to do with this type of fraud. Hence disposed off completely from this office.




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Whether it is good governance being provided by our prime minister Mr Narendra Damodar Das Modi as claimed by the accountable public functionaries of the government of India before the countrymen. It is quite obvious that most of the fund meant to farmers of this country Is being siphoned by the intermediaries which must be curbed by the government of India, but it is feasible only when if there will be honest public functionaries. Where is the transparency and accountability in the working of the government departments if the arbitrary reports are submitted by the accountable staff of the government.

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Government schemes are not reaching to the needy quite obvious from forged accounts opened. My name is Mahesh Pratap Singh and in this bogus account the name of the account holder is Pratap Singh Mahesh which means the place of words have changed. Such bogus accounts are opened to siphon public assistance so it must be enquired in accordance with the law. Priority sector - Agriculture, Bank-State Bank of India, Name-Pratap Singh Mahesh, Address-HNO 583 VPO BHARTANA SAFFIDON PILLUKHERA Jind, Haryana PIN Code 126113, Savings bank account number-40191917870 and KCC account number-40191978538 opened on 24 May 2021, OWNERSHIP-Individual, Date reported-31/10/2022, Account status-active, Loan type-BL Priority sector, Agriculture, Current balance-160708 Where is the transparency and accountability in the working of the government departments if the arbitrary reports are submitted by the staff of the government to resolve the problems of the common man. Please save our country from the clutches of the corrupt public staff. We are known abroad for our honesty and sincerity, but at present time honesty and sincerity has reached to the nadir. Honourable Modi Sir please provide us a transparent and accountable government which may be accountable to the countryman. Honesty is not to say but it must reflect in the working style of the public staff.

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Sh. Ramesh Chand (Joint Director of Income Tax TPS-II)

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Central Board of Direct Taxes (Income Tax)

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4th Floor, Mayur Bhawan, Connaught Circus, New Delhi

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It is quite obvious that concerned staff of the Department of income tax has made the mockery of the law of land quite obvious from his inconsistent, arbitrary and bogus report which was approved by the senior officers of the Department of income tax.

It is noticeable that these transactions does not belong to the bank accounts of the applicant As the applicant has already apprised to department of income tax and Reserve Bank of India with banking institutions that my pan card was updated in different bank accounts of the anonymous persons because of the rampant corruption in the working of department of income tax as well as in the working of the financial institutions and its regulatory body Reserve Bank of India. It is quite obvious that our government functionaries are so incompetent and corrupt that they are failed to perform their duty as causing huge loss to the public exchequer in the form of evasion of taxes. The quantum of corruption in the government machinery can be expected from the fact that no enquiry has been ordered by the competent authorities in this matter of deep-rooted corruption which is a mockery after law of land. There must be transparency and accountability in the dealings of the public authorities. Here honesty only confines to the public speeches not in the working style of the government functionaries.

The matter concerns deep rooted corruption and large-scale tax evasion so in the larger public interest a transparent and accountable enquiry may be ordered. If enquiry may be ordered into the matter several white-collar criminals will be exposed. A syndicate is working under the patronage of corrupt political masters and bureaucrats will be exposed.

To see the attached document to the grievance, click on the link


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