How can it be justified to deduct the recharge made of Rs.60 by the B.S.N.L. moreover procrastinating on representation


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Yogi M. P. Singh
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The matter concerns with the recharge made on the mobile number 7379105911. Once I have made the recharge of rupees 10 and again I have made the recharge of the rupees 50. How are the exhausted please provide the detail about the calls made by me? Still there are two minutes free to call on any net. Whether Bharat sanchar Nigam limited district Mirzapur is not looting the innocent consumers like me? I was surprised to see it that there was no balance in my account consequently I again recharged of rupees 10 but I am too much confused about the dealings of the Mirzapur office of the Bharat sanchar Nigam limited. Please direct for the cogent action in the matter as required under law.
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How are they exhausted please provide the detail about the calls made by me? Now I know some value added services are active on the mobile number-7379105911 but who activated this service. As far as my knowledge is concerned, it is kind of cheating which is committed by the service providers companies. They use this practice to earn illegal money by cheating innocent and gullible customers. If customer raises voice then they refund otherwise their cheating activity succeeds. Once a staff of the department of Telephone requested me to adopt soft stand in writing representations in the department but he must think that what is my fault in this matter. Whether you will refund your money? Whether it is not corruption and concerned staffs are not taking any action because of corruption. Millions of rupees are collected through such cheating activities.

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  1. Undoubtedly the dealings of the Bharat sanchar Nigam limited is full of corruption and it is the obligatory duty of the government functionaries to take action against the wrongdoer staff working in the Bharat sanchar Nigam limited. We also know that corruption is prevailed throughout the system so no action will be taken against the wrongdoer staff.

  2. Our Prime Minister says to provide good governance but where is good governance if cheating is the integral part of good governance then we should not need Such good governance as cheating is quite rampant in the public offices like department of Telecommunication and its subsidiary Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited and most surprising is that our complaints are not taken seriously by the public functionaries.

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