Huge loss of fertilizer but both the central and government of Uttar Pradesh have shut its eyes and ears reflects anarchy



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  1. There is direct evidence of the huge loss of the fertilizer because of the dereliction of duty of the concerned staff of the Government of Uttar Pradesh and matter was raised before accountable public functionaries the Government of India but they had not taken any action in the matter which reflects the insolence of the concerned public staffs and it reflects complete anarchy and lawlessness in the government machinery.

  2. Whether dereliction of Duty causing huge loss of fertilizer can be tolerated by the accountable public functionaries of this country which is quite obvious from the post that dereliction of the concerned staffs was tolerated by the government of India?

  3. Whether such huge loss of the fertilizer can be tolerated by accountable public functionaries in this largest democracy in the world which is quite obvious that there is evidence of dereliction of duty by the concerned staffs of the Government of Uttar Pradesh and because of mismanagement such huge loss occurred even when representations were submitted by the public spirited persons to curb such huge loss but they did not act and did not learn any lesson from such representations .

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