F.I.R. on the Akhilesh Yadav Former Chief Minister is an assault on the democracy consequently democracy in danger

Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <yogimpsingh@gmail.com>

Government is not only suppressing the voice of former chief minister Akhilesh Yadav but acting against the spirit of democracy.
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Mahesh Pratap Singh Yogi M P Singh <yogimpsingh@gmail.com>14 March 2021 at 14:47
To: supremecourt <supremecourt@nic.in>, pmosb <pmosb@pmo.nic.in>, presidentofindia@rb.nic.in, urgent-action <urgent-action@ohchr.org>, cmup <cmup@up.nic.in>, hgovup@up.nic.in, csup@up.nic.in, "sec. sic" <sec.sic@up.nic.in>, uphrclko@yahoo.co.in, lokayukta@hotmail.com
An application under Article 32 of the constitution of India to seek the interference of the appropriate body to curb growing violations of Human Rights in the state of Uttar Pradesh. 
                                             Hon'ble Chief Justice of India /Companion Judges 
                                                 Supreme court of India, New Delhi
Prayer-Police in the state of Uttar Pradesh instated of working by pursuing law of land and provisions of constitution of India more interested to please the political bosses. Please ensure the transparency and accountability in the working of the state police and curb the political interference in the working of the police. 
Why Government of Uttar Pradesh is suppressing the voice of our former chief minister who has courage to speak against wrongdoings of government?
It is most surprising that instead of taking action on the genuine demands of the former chief minister Akhilesh Yadav, government functionaries are hatching conspiracy to fabricate him under false charges.
Following tweet from the account of Hon'ble Akhilesh Yadav -
उप्र की भाजपा सरकार ने मेरे ख़िलाफ़ जो एफ़आईआर लिखवाई है, जनहित में उसकी प्रति प्रदेश के हर नागरिक के सूचनार्थ यहाँ प्रकाशित कर रहे हैं। अगर आवश्यकता पड़ी तो राजधानी लखनऊ में होर्डिंग भी लगवा देंगे। ये एफ़आईआर हारती हुई भाजपा की हताशा का प्रतीक है।

Most revered Sir Your applicant invites the kind attention of Honble Sir with due respect to the following submissions as follows.

1-It is submitted before the Honble Sir that  51A. Fundamental duties It shall be the duty of every citizen of India (a) to abide by the Constitution and respect its ideals and institutions, the National Flag and the National Anthem;(h) to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform;

(i) to safeguard public property and to abjure violence;

(j) to strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity so that the nation constantly rises to higher levels of endeavour and achievement.

2-It is to be submitted before the Honble Sir that undoubtedly Akhilesh Yadav is playing the role of opposition leader when most of the opposition leaders are suffering of fear psychosis of political vindictiveness of ongoing ruling party in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Being political rival and main opposition at present in the state, political masters in the ruling party are hatching conspiracy against this political stalwart to suppress the voice of vulnerable section in the state. 
3-It is to be submitted before the Honble Sir that if the government in the state of Uttar Pradesh is honest, then why not it took action against its own ministers and most surprising is that these voices were raised from non political quarter. 

मोदी सर की इमेज को गहरा धक्का लगा समाजवादी पार्टी को नजराना और शुकराना जैसे चुने हुए शब्दों के भाषण से सत्ता से हटाने वाले प्रधान मंत्री सर को जब यह मालुम होगा की उनकी भी सरकार के नुमाइंदे वही कार्यशैली पसंद करते है तो उन्हें कितना झटका लगेगा |
Undoubtedly Government of Uttar Pradesh is wreaking political vengeance which must be stopped in the wide public interest.

खुदा भी आसमाँ से जब जमी पे देखता होगा |

             इस मेरे प्यारे देश को क्या हुआ सोचता होगा||

This is a humble request of the applicant to you Hon’ble Sir that how can it be justified to withhold public services arbitrarily and promote anarchy, lawlessness, and chaos in an arbitrary manner by making the mockery of law of land? This is the need of the hour to take harsh steps against the wrongdoer in order to win the confidence of citizenry and strengthen the democratic values for healthy and prosperous democracy. For this, your applicant shall ever pray you, Hon’ble Sir.                                                         

                                                                              Yours sincerely

Date-14-03-2021             Yogi M. P. Singh, Mobile number-7379105911, Mohalla- Surekapuram, Jabalpur Road, District-Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, Pin code-231001.


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  1. Reaction of Former Chief Minister-उप्र की भाजपा सरकार ने मेरे ख़िलाफ़ जो एफ़आईआर लिखवाई है, जनहित में उसकी प्रति प्रदेश के हर नागरिक के सूचनार्थ यहाँ प्रकाशित कर रहे हैं।
    अगर आवश्यकता पड़ी तो राजधानी लखनऊ में होर्डिंग भी लगवा देंगे।
    ये एफ़आईआर हारती हुई भाजपा की हताशा का प्रतीक है।

  2. Undoubtedly it is misuse of government machinery and such misuse of powers may not be allowed by floating the provisions of the constitution. Whether our constitution allows our rulers to target its opponent's by blatant misuse of power and position.

  3. Political vendetta is on its peak in the Bhartiya Janata party government which is quite obvious from the working style of the government in which opposition party leaders are being targeted by the political masters of the ruling party. Such practices can never be wealthy practice for the healthy democracy.

  4. Undoubtedly media men are not playing impartial role in the country. Media persons are thinking that they are king makers. They have fascinated with this hallucination. Which is the root cause of this trouble.

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