Whether rights of women are safe in the govt. of Uttar Pradesh where grievances of women are overlooked



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  1. [4:40 PM, 7/8/2020] Anita Mishra: 09454400264
    [4:40 PM, 7/8/2020] Anita Mishra: सरजी यही नम्बर है
    महोदय आप को तो मालुम ही होगा की यह देवरिया के किस पुलिस अधिकारी का नंबर है और पीडिता किस तरह से महोदय के समक्ष गिडगिडा रही है | क्या यही सुशासन है |

  2. At present Chief Minister of the state of Uttar Pradesh is Yogi Adityanath who is a renouncer and who always advocates the rights of the vulnerable section but it is most unfortunate that women and girls are no more safe in his regime and their rights are also not safe because of the lawlessness and Anarchy in the Government of Uttar Pradesh which is uncontrolled by our chief minister Yogi Adityanath.

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