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Thursday, 18 March 2021

Corruption in income tax of India can be guessed from the fact that they did not provide information after order of CIC



  1. Sir, whether it is not cryptic reply of department of income tax Mirzapur as-
    The Joint Commissione of Income Tax, Range-3, Mirzapur has already replied to your query vide his letter dated 26.09.2019 addressed to The
    Central Information Commission, New Delhi with a copy marked to you.
    Even a layman can understand that this e-mail communication is the subsequent action as applicant is not satisfied with aforementioned communication letter dated 26.09.2019 which implies that if the action was not taken on my e-mail communication dated-29 Sep 2019, 17:48 which means attached e-mail to this representation, applicant is bound to
    file non compliance before the commission again as there is no other option for the applicant except to seek
    redress of the complaint under section 18 of Right to Information Act 2005. Undoubtedly approach of CPIO
    is positive but snior rank officers are playing the role of stumbling block as promoters of anarchy and

  2. Undoubtedly the Matta concerns the deep rooted corruption and it is unfortunate that accountable public functionaries are not taking any action in this matter. Most surprising is that even order passed by the central Information Commission was overlooked by the corrupt staff of the Income Tax Department.

  3. There is substantial evidence of wrongdoings but instead of taking any action against wrongdoers, they were only shielded by the accountable public functionaries in this country. It seems that our democracy has been hijacked by dictatorships. We are facing complete anarchy and lawlessness causing loot of public infrastructure by corrupt public servants.

  4. How the corruption will be curbed if this corruption is oriented from top to bottom which is quite obvious from the working style of our public functionaries? Here senior rank accountable public functionaries provide safe passage for the corruption.


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