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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Whether Sadharan Vetanman dated 01/02/2006 can be defined by the circular 26/04/2006 if not why it is sustained?

 If Sadharan Vetanman defined by Learned counsel is really accepted then think about the judgment passed as According to delivered delivered judgement dated 16.4.2004 -"Accordingly, the impugned order of dismissal dated 1.8.90 is quashed. The petitioner shall be reinstated in the service forthwith and will be entitled to all the consequential benefits . However , he will be entitled to only 50% of emoluments of salary for the period of litigation up to the final order of this court."श्री मान जी इस तरह याचिकाकर्ता को बिबादित बर्खास्तगी आदेश १.८.९० ख़ारिज करते हुए समस्त सेवा लाभ के साथ सेवा बहाल किया गया किन्तु बर्खास्तगी अवधि का ५० प्रतिशत emoluments of salary की पात्रता तय की |


  1. Sadharan Vetanman is a derogatory remark on the aforementioned order of the court and impugned order dated 01/02/2006 will setup bad precedent so liable to be quashed as such cryptic orders only promote corruption in the system. All consequential benefits and Sadharan Vetanman both are contrary words. At that time they told me that these funds are sanctioned when we pay commission to the government so how can I pay without taking commission? They were pressurizing writ petitioner to make the bill in the pay scale of Rs.950-20-1150-EB-25-1500 which is the real meaning of the Sadharan Vetanman but aggrieved petitioner did not do so.

  2. India is not a democratic republic but a Banana Republic in this anarchy every unlawful things are feasible and same thing happened with the proceedings of the court where Tyranny and arbitrariness of the judicial member persists. In this matter Rupees 80000 as the bribe demanded by the directorate office of the Secondary Board Education.

  3. It is fact that they were demanding commission to comply the order of the high court of judicature when the aggrieved did not provide them bribe 80000 rupees as demanded by them then they started torturing and harassing the aggrieved person this is a fact.


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