Yesterday, wrongdoer disconnected the legal connection of poor widow by declaring government transformer personal



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  1. क्या सचिवालय से फ़ोन करके एक महिला का टुल्लू का कनेक्शन जोड़ने से रोकना मानवाधिकार हनन नही है |
    आज चार बार अधिशाषी अभियंता महोदय को फोन लगाया बेल गया कोई उठाया नही अरे भैया जब कोरोना पॉजिटिव है तो चार्ज दूसरे को दे दीजिये | उनके उपखंड अधिकारी का आधिकारिक चल भाष हमेशा नेटवर्क से बाहर रहता है | 
    Today I have made call on his mobile and he assured to talk to S.D.O. but later did not respond my phone call such is the anarchy in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

  2. Who has given authority to Ashok Kumar Singh alias Angad Singh to disconnect the connection provided by the department of electricity in the name of Sugun Singh widow of Krishna Kumar Singh. Whether the government Transformer may be a personal Transformer as has been claimed by the Ashok Kumar Singh.

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