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Tuesday, 9 March 2021

Applicant is ready to face contempt proceedings if claim of applicant be wrong but insensitive judiciary



  1. PIO has made a practice to deny the sought information arbitrarily by falsely taking recourse of section 5 of U.P. RTI Rules, 2015. Parrot denial of sought information by the Nodal officer is the mockery of Right to Information Act 2005. They do not know even the simple rule that PIO provides its name and designation as well as name and designation of the First Appellate Authority in the communication. The matter is concerned with bribe taken by ADO Panchayat and the team has been formed by D.M. but CPIO Nodal officer escaping from providing sought information on flimsy ground

  2. It seems that both the central government and the Government of Uttar Pradesh are making the provisions of Right to Information act 2005 teethless which is quite obvious from their working style and such cryptic activities are part of their set up strategy.

  3. Everyone knows that right to information act 2005 was introduced by the government of India during the regime of Congress to promote transparency and accountability in the public offices but when the Bhartiya Janata party government came into the power then it diluted the provisions of transparency act in such a way that not a single information is being made available by the public authorities.


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