Entire formalities completed and board concerned approved, then why concerned regional office of C.B.S.E. is procrastinating


Grievance Status for registration number : DOSEL/E/2021/05801
Grievance Concerns To
Name Of Complainant
Yogi M P Singh
Date of Receipt
Received By Ministry/Department
School Education and Literacy
Grievance Description
School Education and Literacy >> Degree/Certificate Related >> Change in details in certificates >> CBSE/CBSE Affiliated

Name of School : SN Public High School Lohandi Musafarganj Mirzapur Uttar Pradesh
Supportive document is attached to grievance and coloured copy bank draft of requisite fee as advised by principal as sent through speed registered post and its online tracking of speed registered post received in regional office on second February are included.
Following is the remark made by the Officer Name Ms. Shvetta Arora Officer Designation Regional Officer
Contact Address Central Board of Secondary Education 35 B, Civil Station, M.G. Marg Civil Lines, Allahabad
With reference to the grievance case dated 13/01/2021, it is inform that the case has been approved by the Competent Authority of the Board and a letter dated 12/01/2021 has also been sent to the school concerned with the direction to inform the candidate and submit original Marks Statement Cum Certificate along with requisite fee. Hence, the candidate concerned is required to approach the school concerned for further process.
I want to inform the concerned staffs of the regional office Allahabad now named as Prayagraj that in reply of communication dated 12/01/2021 addressed to principal of the institution concerned, entire requisite formalities formalities completed by the aggrieved student Vishal Kumar Maurya 30/01/2021. This communication dated 30/01/2021, Vishal Kumar Maurya sent through speed registered post on the same day and received by the office of public authority regional office Allahabad of central board of secondaryregional off education on 02/02/2021 quite obvious from the speed post tracking of the registered speed post. Today is 25/02/2021 but it is unfortunate that they did not provide the rectified certificate to the student ipso facto obvious from their submitted report on the public grievance portal of the government of India. It was compulsory to comply with their direction within 15 days but they are themselves not taking swift action in the matter.
Grievance Document
Current Status
Under process
Date of Action
Auto Forwarded
Officer Concerns To
Officer Name
T. S. Rautela
Officer Designation
Deputy Secretary
Contact Address
Shastri Bhawan New Delhi
Email Address
Contact Number
Beerbhadra Singh

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  1. Grievance Status for registration number : DOSEL/E/2021/01173
    Grievance Concerns To Name Of Complainant Yogi M P Singh
    Date of Receipt 13/01/2021
    Received By Ministry/Department School Education and Literacy
    They submitted their report in the aforementioned grievance. It seems that they are still thinking something. Whether Rs.1300 is less fee for correction?

  2. Whether they have adopted the cogent approach to redress the grievances of the common people as quite obvious that they are adopting lackadaisical approach to redress grievance of the vulnerable student as there is incorrection in the name of the father and they have charged rupees 1300 but still procrastinating on the Representation of the vulnerable student Vishal Maurya.

  3. It is quite obvious that there is rampant corruption in the working of government departments which is the root cause that they did not provide the certificate to the student because they are waiting that their palm may be greased.

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