Budaun police is not registering F.I.R. of senior citizen in matter of land grabbing


Grievance Status for registration number : GOVUP/E/2023/0077247

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Vimal Kumar Rastogi

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Uttar Pradesh

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The matter concerns Budaun police, district-Budaun, Uttar Pradesh. Police is adopting a lackadaisical approach in the matter of land grabbing in which adjudication is pending before the court of law. Police are escaping from the matter on the flimsy ground which will promote the anti-social elements to keep on their illegal activities. There is no fear of police action in the offenders because of lackadaisical approach of police and partial cryptic reports of police on the Jansunwai portal.

Most respected Sir, how can police escape from the matter merely on the ground that the matter is of civil nature. If the police themselves accept that the matter is sub judice in various courts, then which competent court or magistrate provided them permission of construction and other activities in the land whose title is sub judice before the court? How to install a submersible pump in the land and grab it in a cryptic and mysterious way may be justified? Whether the act of the opposite party is not tantamount to house trespass and this land grabbing even when matter is pending before the court is not punishable under the various sections of the Indian Penal Code? Whether the opposite party is not superseding the court order because adjudication is pending before the various Court of Justice. Honourable Sir it is obligatory duty of the police to maintain the status quo of the impugned land but police have failed because of the partial approach in the matter.

In the report submitted by the Superintendent of police Budaun city it is quite obvious that in the concerned matter, the adjudication is pending before the court moreover this litigation has been submitted by the opposite party for seeking justice however opposite party itself having no regard for the adjudication awaited from the respected court of law.

Which Canon law allows grabbing of the land by the litigant itself after filing litigation before the appropriate court and litigant is privileged and having immunity from the action of the police? Undoubtedly the matter is sub judice but the act of the opposite party is of criminal nature which must be taken into account by the concerned police under the appropriate section of the Indian Penal Code. Consequently F.I.R. must be registered against the opposition party including main conspirator Dinesh Gupta S/O R.D. Gupta and Shipra Gupta W/O Dinesh Gupta under the following sections of the Indian Penal Code. Section 441 (Criminal Trespass), Section 425 (Mischief), Section 420 (Cheating),Section 442 (House Trespass) and Section 503 (Criminal Intimidation) of the Indian penal code must be applied on the offenders.

Concerned police submitted arbitrary and inconsistent reports in the submitted grievances and few of the reports have been submitted by the police concerning the assault on the applicant by the offenders. It is noticeable that the current matter concerns the grabbing of the land which adjudication is pending before the court of the law which is self obvious from the report of the police submitted in the earlier grievances. The offenders are doing construction quite obvious from the attached photographs to the grievance so please take action instead of overlooking the matter by submitting inconsistent and arbitrary reports in the matter.

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Uttar Pradesh

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Shri Bhaskar Pandey (Joint Secretary)

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Uttar Pradesh

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Chief Minister Secretariat , Room No. 321, U.P. Secretariat, Lucknow

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