Municipality is not providing license to run vehicle stands


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शिकायत संख्या:-40019923010325

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विषय-Please provide the feedback regarding the action taken by the municipality Mirzapur City under Article 51A of the constitution of India. The matter concerns the illegal parking of the vehicles on the side of roads because of the mismanagement of the municipality Mirzapur City. The applicant has made numerous representations in the matter of illegal parking of the vehicles and mismanagement in running the vehicle stands. District magistrate Mirzapur convened multiple meetings in this regard but they did not reach on any conclusions and mismanagement remains as such. It seems that concerned public staff is not interested to resolve the problems of the traffic being faced by the common people because of the mismanagement in the parking of the vehicles on the side of the roads. 

Amar Ujala Mirzapur No action against illegal stand operators, arbitrary extortion Most illegal stand operation in Vindhyachal, mere formalities in the name of action Samvad News Agency Mirzapur.

 Illegal vehicle stands operated in the district are not being controlled. 'Illegal' stands are being operated indiscriminately in the city area. The land has not yet been made available by the municipality to make a permanent stand. By taking recourse of it, arbitrary recovery is being made from those who park vehicles at illegal vehicle stands. No action is being taken against their operators. Due to this the tourists are facing problems. They also misbehave with tourists and visitors. On behalf of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, instructions are being given to take action against illegal stand operators, yet the administration and police are not able to control illegal vehicle stands. Meanwhile, the Chief Minister again banned illegal taxis, bus and rickshaw stands. Land is not made available by the municipality Mirzapur City for the vehicle stands. Details of Illegal stand operated at Phatka Par under Sang Mohal bridge. Most illegal vehicle stands in Vindhyachal Mirzapur. Stands are being operated at many places in Vindhyachal region. Here arbitrary extortion is made from the passengers. In Vindhyachal, many people even park their vehicles in vacant places outside houses and shops and charge Rs 50 to 100 per three hours from the vehicle owners. On opposing, they become bent on fighting. Samvad 

Extortion from the vehicle owners must be stopped. On the other side of the screen, there are only six vehicle stands on paper which are registered in the public office. Four out of it are located under the Banyan tree and near land of Kashi Naresh. One of the stands is at Bathua and the other is near the tri corner road at the roadways bus stand. 

Undoubtedly there are only 6 registered vehicle stands in the office of municipality Mirzapur City but on the other side of a screen they are more than dozen vehicle stands are illegally operating in the Mirzapur City. Illegal stands are working at Sheetla Mandir Ghode Sahid and Ashtbhuja etc. President of auto rickshaw union Mr Kamlesh Chauhan said that licence is not being provided by the administration which is the root cause of the mismanagement. Municipality Mirzapur City is procrastinating in providing the land for the vehicle stand for many years which is the root cause of the problem of this giant problem. According to the circle officer traffic Mr Parmanand Kushvaha those Indulged in the illegal extortion from the vehicle owners will have to face legal proceedings under the law.

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