Development? If in the Surekapuram colony drainage and roads are submerged into rain water and accountable staffs are snoring


Grievance Status for registration number : GOVUP/E/2021/28395

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Yogi M P Singh
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Uttar Pradesh
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Rain water inundated into Mohalla Surekapuram but municipality staffs are neutral to miseries of dwellers of colony likewise in other areas of district as well.
Sir the applicant is reporting more than 20 years regarding the water logging in the Mohalla-Surekapuram, Jabalpur Road including firs and second term of man of development Mr. Narendra Modi Sir and five year term of Yogi Adityanath Sir going to expire next year. On the one side of screen we are suffering from Coronavirus pandemic resulting in jobless and family on the verge of hunger but on the other side of screen rain water causing overflowing of drainage and water is intruding into the houses through the dirty water exit and gates. Snakes and mosquitoes are also rising alarmingly in this period of rain water calamity. If the municipality claims to pump out the water from Surekapuram as claimed during the reports submitted in order to close the grievances of the applicant time and again, then where have they gone? They can not claim that they are not informed with the grim situation of the colony and problems of dwellers.
Here this question arises that why the staffs of municipality Mirzapur city, government of Uttar Pradesh and government of India are sleeping when logged water in the park and on the roads are entering into the houses of the residents of Surekapuram colony?
I pray before the Honourable Sir that Honourable Sir may take a glance of the attached PDF documents containing the photographs how the park and road is submerged into the rain water?
I pray before the Honourable Sir that undoubtedly numerous people affected with the inaction of the government concerned with taking steps to curb water logging even when repeated requests are being made before them so there is urgent need to provide swift reprieve to the dwellers who are only praying to gods for their sympathy who may change the heart of concerned tyrants not paying heed to this problem concerned with wide public interest.
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Modi came into the power in the name of development, and he is ruling this country for 10 years and this water logging is taking for 20 years and near about century of representations we have submitted by the residents of Surekapuram but no one taken care of dwellers of Surekapuram colony. Undoubtedly, few developmental works were carried out during the regime of the Samajwadi party. Municipality Mirzapur City says that under Amrit Yojana scheme of Government of India, they will construct the sewer in the Mohalla Surekapuram Jabalpur road Mirzapur, but the actual fact is that under Amrit Yojana scheme they have dug the entire roads of the Mohalla Surekapuram and a still road is in the dilapidated state because of that action to lay down the pipeline underground but for sewer, still not initiated action under the Amrit scheme of the government. Undoubtedly our lives have been hell because of this corruption and our media is playing the role of glorifying the false political Masters
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Shri Bhaskar Pandey
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Joint Secretary
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Chief Minister Secretariat Room No.321 U.P. Secretariat, Lucknow
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  1. Undoubtedly our lives have been hell because of this corruption and our media is playing the role of glorifying the false political Masters who are too much selfish but our print and electronic media are showing them as great persons and actually scenario is totally different from this false world of print and electronic media.

    From the post it is quite obvious that dwellers of the Surekapuram Colony are facing the water logging and this dirty water is entering into their houses, but precarious situation is that representations are being submitted before the accountable public functionaries, but they are not paying heed to these representations.

  2. Think about the gravity of situation that this matter is 20 years old or you can say that more than 20 years old but it is most unfortunate that governments functionaries are not taking interest in resolving the problem after residents of the surekapuram colony which is showing lawlessness and anarchy in the government machinery on large scale.

    Think about the cleanly drive mission of the prime minister office that in 6 month sweeper cleans the drainage in the surekapuram colony.

  3. It is a real picture of the development which is being carried out by the public functionaries in this largest democracy in the world that residents of the surekapuram colony are suffering of the rain water for twenty years but no appropriate action on the part of government to the grievances of of these people whether it reflects the good governance as you political Masters are claiming to provide good governance to the citizens of this country through print and electronic media but the actual fact is terrific.

  4. Modi Sir is the smartest prime minister of this country who understands the mindset of the citizens of this country and he works according to the mindset up of the citizens.
    Undoubtedly our prime minister is most successful person to mislead us through print and electronic media and became a pseudo embodiment of the development.

  5. One can easily guess the development carried out by our great prime minister Modi sir that huge number of people are dying because of the coronavirus pandemic and development is of such a category that we cannot cure the patients concerned with the coronavirus pandemic and most are dying and medical facilities are not available to those who are dying in the remote villages of this largest democracy in the world.

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