Forged account opened by registering mobile number of Preeti Singh to siphon gas subsidy by Hindustan Petroleum gas ipso facto

Grievance Status for registration number: MPANG/E/2023/0007829

Grievance Concerns To

Name Of Complainant

Yogi M. P. Singh

Date of Receipt


Received By Ministry/Department

Petroleum and Natural Gas

Grievance Description

Petroleum and Natural Gas >> Corruption related (VCs, employees) >> Employee Related Case / PSU / Agency Related

Organisation Name : HP Gas

An application under Article 51 A of the constitution of India to make inquiry regarding the registration of the mobile number of aggrieved applicant Preeti Singh in the consumer account of Suresh Chandra by the Hindustan Petroleum. An application on behalf of Preeti Singh, Mohalla- Surekapuram Colony, Jabalpur Road, Mirzapur City, District-Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, PIN Code-231001, for omitting/eliminating/deleting the mobile number-9794103433 of the Preeti Singh which has been registered in the following bogus consumer account and HP is streaming irritating messages of booking of refill and delivery quite obvious from the attached pdf document to the grievance. Short submissions of the applicant are as follows.1- How can the mobile number of Preeti Singh be registered in the L.P.G. account of Suresh Chandra opened in the Hindustan Petroleum?2- Undoubtedly such bogus accounts are opened to syphon the subsidy provided by the government consequently provide the action taken by the competent authority of the government in the following matter. 3- Whether the government is taking steps to curb such unlawful practices in which fraudulent elements using mobile numbers and other details of anonymous persons to syphon public funds by colluding with the public staff?GSTIN: 09AAPFK4046F1Z5Tel: 7460004244HP ANYTIME 8888823456, Whatsapp Booking No. 9222201122

CUSTOMER DETAILS,LPG ID:2 1151 4736 00000026,Consumer Number:600026, Consumer Name: SURESH CHANDRA, Address:UP/64/293/0393323S/OBABU RAMHARBASPURUPINVOICE DETAILS, HSN:27111900, Cash Memo Details: 1215917 28/11/2023, Consumer Category:Domestic, Last Delivery Date:29/10/2023

Product Name:14.2 KG NS CYLINDER-LD(DBTL CTC)1

Quantity:DBC, Connection Type:CTC, Status:CTC,Refill Type: Refil 2:53 PM 0.0KB/sMissed Bissing Call 9493602222 Complaint 1800 233 355


Order No:534549, Order Ref No:5231473600033473Order Date & Time: 28/11/2023 11:32

Payment Type:Pay on Delivery

Order Source:IVRS

Subsidy Consumed:Subsidy Consume

Grievance Document

Current Status

Under process   

Date of Action


Officer Concerns To

Officer Name

Ranjit Kumar (US Adm and Estt)

Organisation name


Contact Address

MoPNG Shastri BhawanND

Email Address

Contact Number


Reminder(s) / Clarification(s)

Reminder Date



Subsidy Consumed:Subsidy Consumed: 5 Year :2023-2024Order Status:Delivered, Base Rate:874.29, Delivery Charges:0.00, Cash & Carry Rebate:Taxable Amount:874.29CGST(2.5%):21.86, SGST/UTGST (2.5%) : Rs 21.86, Total Amount:918.00Advance Paid Amount (Online):Net Payable:918.0011:26 AM 0.0KB/s, HP Gas, THURSDAY, 12 OCTHPGas Bkng529645 Con600026,12-10-2023 10:45:24 Delivery OTP 8324.Use HPPAY APP for Refill booking and payment.

Download- OTP-8324, Copy OTPSend feedback

10:45 am, HPGas CashMemo for Rs.918 generated for your refill booking.Del OTP 8324. Insist on pre-delay chk for cyl. Get eCashMemo- Replying is not supported by this sender11:25 AM 0.0KB/sHP Gas, TUESDAY, 22 AUGHPGas Cash Memo for Rs.1118 generated for your refill booking.Del OTP 2160. Insist on pre-delay chk for cyl. Get eCashMemo- OTP-2160HPGas refill delivered on 22-08-2023 Cas...

DELIVERY-Delivered9:18 pm, THURSDAY, 12 OCT, HPGas Bkng529645Con600026.12-10-2023

Replying is not supported by this sender

11:26 AM 0.0KB/s HP Gas6:48 pm, YESTERDAYHPGas CashMemo for Rs.918 generated for your refill booking.Del OTP 4969. Insist on pre-dely chk for cyl. Get eCashMemo- 11:47 am

HPGas refill delivered on 28-11-2023 CashMemo no. 1215917.Pl provide your feedback- ?41011770534549 - HPCL



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