D.G. Income Tax is incompetent to search who did the Transactions of Rs 16,12,06,667 by misusing my PAN


Grievance Status for registration number : PMOPG/E/2023/0096896

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Yogi M. P. Singh

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Prime Ministers Office

Grievance Description

Central Board of Direct Taxes (Income Tax) >> Corruption/Malpractices related (VCs, employees) >> Inaction by Income Tax Department

Name and Desination of Officer : Manish Mishra, CIT e-Verification

regional office / Office : DGIT(Systems) CPC, E-filing

​View Grievance​, ​Grievance Acknowledgement Number​-​11265286​, ​Status​-​QUEUED​, ​Date of Resolution​-​NA​, Grievance Description-Under Article 51A of the constitution of India the applicant is making enquiry in regard to the following messages sent on the mobile of the applicant and email of the applicant. Whether you have ordered any enquiry in the following matter as the matter concerns with the huge loss to the public exchequer through the tax evasion. Two anonymous accounts were opened in my name by colluding with staff of the State Bank of India. Please punish the staff of the department of income tax who served the email notice to the applicant without proper verification of the records.

Grievance Details

Created On​ ​15-Mar-2023​ ​Grievance Department​ ​e-Filing​, ​Grievance Category​, ​Compliance Portal Related Queries

Financial year 2020-21, Annual Information Report Financial year 2021-22 and Annual Information Report Financial year 2022-23 Annual Information Report and misuse of PAN Card details are attached to the grievance in PDF format.

All the income tax returns filed by the taxpayers are first processed online at the Centralised Processing Centre (CPC). After processing the return, the income tax department then issues intimation under section 143(1) to the taxpayers informing them about the results.

Centralised Processing Centre did not verify the records because of rampant corruption in its working and asking the applicant to submit income tax return which does not belong to the applicant only fraudulently misused my PAN Card linked with my Aadhar Card by taking staff of department of income tax and concerned financial institutions in good faith.

If you think your e-Filing account may have been compromised or accessed in an unauthorized manner, then you may be a victim of cybercrime. Please report the incident to the concerned police or cyber-cell authorities as a first step. You may file an online criminal complaint/FIR by visiting

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Under process   

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Sh. Y. K. Singh (DGIT)

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cybercrime.gov.in/, an initiative of Government of India to facilitate victims/complainants to report cybercrime complaints online.

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Think about the gravity of situation that not a single tool of the government is working properly.

The matter concerns misuse of PAN Card but instead of taking action against corrupt concerned are procrastinating on the matter.

To see the attached document to the grievance, click on the link


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