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Wednesday, April 20, 2022

CPGRAM APPEALS- DEABD/E/A/22/0004989 & DEABD/E/A/22/0006449 Sudarshan Maurya

Honourable staff of the State Bank of India the matter concerns deep-rooted corruption. Here I am not seeking any information regarding the aggrieved Sudarshan Maurya. Here I have taken the perusal of entire documents under the possession of Sudarshan Maurya and on the basis of those documents I have submitted the representation before the accounable public functionaries of the state bank of India. The applicant is an anti corruption crusader and human rights defender and his sole motive is to protect the human rights of the vulnerable section and whatever action has been taken to protect the rights of Sudarshan Maurya is being done in the wide public interest and sole motive to curb the corruption which is prevailed in the working of the public authority.
On the one side of screen our prime minister Narendra Damodar Modi is providing assistance to the unemployed youth to make them employed but on the other side of  screen concerned bank staff are indulged in the corrupt activities to loot the innocent and gullible people taken loan under the prime minister employment scheme.
Here point to be noted that applicant is seeking justice for the Sudarshan Maurya by submitting application on behalf of Sudarshan Maurya to curb the deep rooted corruption in the working of the public authority State Bank of India. If an inquiry may be ordered to look into the allegations of corruption and justice maybe provided to the Sudarshan Maurya then I will postpone to submit the representations against the corruption before the competent authority.
Your applicant is inviting action against the wrongdoer staff instead of information regarding the Sudarshan Maurya as entire information regarding the Sudarshan Maurya is available to the applicant.

On Wed 20 Apr, 2022, 16:30 AGM CUSTOMER SERVICES LHO LUC, <agmcustomer.lholuc@sbi.co.in> wrote:

Dear Sir, 

 With reference to the captioned appeals this is to advise that, you have raised multiple appeals regarding the loan accounts of our customer Sh. Sudarshan Maurya. 

We cannot disclose our customer's account related information to any third party. 

This is for your information please. 


Asstt.General Manager

State Bank Of India

Customer Care Cell

Local Head Office


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