B.S.N.L. is providing unsatisfactory services regarding network speed which reflects complete mismanagement as failed to redress

Grievance Status for registration number : DOTEL/E/2021/33420
Grievance Concerns To
Name Of Complainant
Yogi M. P. Singh
Date of Receipt
Received By Ministry/Department
Grievance Description
Telecommunications >> Mobile Related >> Improper Network Coverage

Mobile Number : 7379105911
Service Provider : Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Corporate Office
Circle : Uttar Pradesh (East)
Matter is concerned with my BSNL mobile number 9794760348. Applicant is facing specific problems like accessing the pages from the Gmail to website www.yogi.systems which is creating problem to the customer. Customer is a blogger and if he can not reach on his blogging pages, then what is the benefit of the subscription of the BSNL. While other service providers like Airtel and Jio are easily accessing the pages. If problem remain continued, then applicant has no option except to port from BSNL to other service providers according to convenience. Please stop cryptic dealings.
For convenience, few screenshots are attached to this representation which are showing that at that particular time there creates Network connectivity issues. 
Grievance Status for registration number : DOTEL/E/2021/23969
Name Of Complainant Yogi M. P. SinghDate of Receipt 18/07/2021Received By Ministry/Department TelecommunicationsGrievance Description-The matter concerns with the cryptic network coverage on the mobile number 7379105911.When the applicant wants to visit from the Gmail through the link to my website www.yogi.systems, then the network is reset and internet surfing is immediately stopped. Whether it is justified if the applicant had purchased the internet packs then why such cryptic dealings on the part of Bharat sanchar Nigam limited.please correct the internet surfing and do not block my website.
You have not resolved the problems still. As applicant, still facing the problem of navigation from Gmail to my website in the BSNL network, so I may port my three BSNL mobile numbers 7379105911, 9794760348 and 9336252631 to other service providers.
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According to report attached by the concerned mandate, they are providing proper stable services but since last two days, the applicant is facing the problems of the slow network again regarding the BSNL Mobile number-9794760348 I think that it would be better if you may resolve the issue without expecting the submission of the new grievance on the part of the aggrieved customer.
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It would be expedient to resolve the issue of the network speed without inviting new grievance on the matter. To be  lazy is a crime and to be lazy, and offer excuses is a greater  crime. Action without delay is the soul of efficiency. Consequently, my more emphasis is to get fair and justified network speed, which ought to be provided by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited. At present aforementioned public authority is neither providing 4 G services nor 3 G services but actually providing 2 G services as it is reminding the 2 G speed era.
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Beerbhadra Singh

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