Whether ancestral property can be sold by father arbitrarily by depriving son to wreak individual grudge? Kamlesh Singh


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आवेदक का नाम-Kamlesh Singhविषय-Sir, which canon law allows that father may deprive the son from the ancestral properties in cryptic and mysterious ways as being done by the Raghuvar Dayal Singh S/O Bhanu Pratap Singh quite obvious from the attached document and following submissions? According to the Hindu Succession Act, 1956, a son or a daughter has the first right as the Class I heirs over the self-acquired property of his or her father if he dies intestate (without leaving a will). As a coparcener, an individual also has the legal right to acquire his or her share in an ancestral property.This grievance may be considered as a caveat if any ancestral property is transferred by the Raghuvar Dayal Singh S/O Bhanu Pratap Singh as seller in the form of registry and any other ways. .Raghuvar Dayal Singh S/O Bhanu Pratap Singh may be declared Bhumidhar with non-transferable rights as he is selling ancestral property without the consent of his son Kamlesh Singh S/O Raghuvar Dayal Singh in order to provide illegal and biased benefits two other sons namely Dileep Singh and Jaydheer Singh depriving the applicant rights from ancestral property illegally to wreak the individual grudge with the applicant  Kamlesh Singh S/O Raghuvar Dayal Singh.  Here the matter concerns the Khata Number-00099 in which Raghuvar Dayal Singh S/O Bhanu Pratap Singh is mentioned as the transitory Land holder quite obvious from the attached document to the grievance. Please provide the feedback regarding the registry of the land to the third party Raghuvar Dayal Singh S/O Bhanu Pratap Singh. Also provide the date when the process of mutation of land be initiated by the Tahsil Sadar to the third party. Consequently the applicant can claim for his own share before the competent authority of the Tahsil Sadar. In the following complaint, your irrelevant and arbitrary reply only promoted the wrongdoings and now they have made the mind setup to sell the entire land one by one by taking the staffs of the Tahsil and Registry in good faith through illegal gratification. कमलेश सिंह पुत्र रघुबर दयाल सिंह पता - ग्राम कोठरा कंतित , पोस्ट श्री निवासधाम जिला मिर्ज़ापुर थाना जिगना पिन कोड २३१३१३, शिकायत संख्या:-40019921014043 आवेदक का नाम-Kamlesh Singhखाता संख्या १३६ के सम्बन्ध में पारित आदेश का अवलोकन करे शाखा प्रबंधक इलाहाबाद यू पी ग्रामीण बैंक शाखा श्री निवासधाम दिनांक २६/०२/२०२१८ तहसीलदार सदर दिनांक ०५/०३/२०१८ ग्राम कोठरा मांडा के खाता संख्या १३६ पर दर्ज खातेदार रघुवर दयाल सिंह पुत्र भानु प्रताप सिंह के हिस्से की भूमि बैंक के पक्ष में बंधक की जाती है हस्ताक्षर दिनांक ०५/०३/२०१८  Undoubtedly, the applicant is the fourth shareholder of the ancestral property but he is being deprived in the mysterious and cunning way from his shares which is illegal and unconstitutional and reflects lawlessness and anarchy in the government machinery.  O God help me. For this applicant shall ever pray to you, Honourable Sir. 

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