Services of Indian post payment bank was paralysed for more than one week

भारतीय डाक विभाग कार्यालय अधीक्षक डाकघर, सुलतानपुर मंडल, सुलतानपुर- 228001

सेवा में,

श्री योगी एम. पी. सिंह मोहल्ला सुरेकापुरम कॉलोनी संगमोहाल 7379105911

पत्रांकः सी आर/पीजी पोर्टल/2023-24

दिंनाक सुल्तानपुर 12.04.2024

विषयः पीजी पोर्टल पर दर्ज परिवाद संख्या- DPOST/E/2024/0009444 के निस्तारण के सम्बन्ध में ।

उक्त शिकायत के तारतम्य में आपको सूचित करना है कि आपके द्वारा प्रेषित शिकायत की जांच IPPB सीनियर मैनेजर, अमेठी शाखा से करायी गयी एवं उनकी रिपोर्ट के अनुसार आपके द्वारा उल्लिखित खाता संख्या 059610182514 मिर्जापुर शाखा से सम्बन्धित है एवं उनके द्वारा आपको दूरभाष पर सूचित किया गया कि वार्षिक समापन पर सर्वर समस्या के कारण 01.04.2024 से 04.04.2024 तक बैंक सर्वर बहुत ठीक से काम नहीं कर रहा था जिसके कारण इस प्रकार की स्थिति उत्पन्न हुई। इसके अतिरिक्त उनके द्वारा अवगत कराया गया है कि ग्राहक द्वारा अब बिना किसी असुविधा के खाते में जमा निकासी की जा रही है।

अतः परिवाद इस स्तर से बंद करने की संस्तुति की जाती है।

अधीक्षक डाकघर सुल्तानपुर मंडल, सुल्तानपुर 228001

प्रतिलिपिः- सहायक निदेशक (पी.जी.), कार्यालय पोस्टमास्टर जनरल, प्रयागराज-211001- को सूचनार्थ एवं आवश्यक कार्यवाही हेतु प्रेषित है। 

Grievance Status for registration number : DPOST/E/2024/0009444

Grievance Concerns To

Name Of Complainant

Yogi M. P. Singh

Date of Receipt


Received By Ministry/Department


Grievance Description

Posts >> Financial Scheme Related >> Savings Bank (SB/RD/TD/MIS/SCSS/Others) >> Others

CIF No. : 6055833767

Post Office where A/C or Transaction occurred : 231001

Entire online services of Indian Post payment Bank has been paralyzed showing complete mismanagement in the working of the public authority.

The applicant can neither accept the payments made by the people nor can do the payments to the others. It is quite obvious that yesterday the applicant made a complaint on the portal of the department of post but it seems that service request made on the portal was not considered properly by the department. In the complaint, email of the applicant and the mobile number was given but it is most unfortunate they did not send any message on the mobile number or on the email regarding the confirmation of the service request çum complaint which is the mismanagement in the working of the public authority.The following is the details of the account of the applicant opened in the Indian Post payment bank which must be taken into account.For one week, We got nothing from the people as support because of the paralysed services of the Indian post payment bank.Please donate to us.your cooperation our strength आपका सहयोग हमारी शक्ति

Account Name:


Account Number: 059610182514, IFS Code: IPOS0000001For queries or complaints - Dial 155299 (Charges may apply as per your telecom plan) For reporting unauthorized transactions or blocking debit card, dial toll free number 1800 8899, ippbonline.comIf you are not satisfied with the Complaint resolution, kindly escalate using the matrix as mentioned in

Registered Office

India Post Payments Bank Limited, Post Office, Speed Post Center Building, Market Road, New Delhi 110001. India

Grievance Document

Current Status

Case closed   

Date of Action



Kindly find the attachment .

Reply Document




Rating Remarks

If the matter concerns the working of the Department of post local office Mirzapur then it was obligatory duty of the concerned responsible officer of the Department of post to forward the matter to the Mirzapur local office, but it was not done which is showing mismanagement in the working of the Department of post. Still there is some difficulty in the working of the app of the department and such errors must be removed by the concerned expert of the department of the post. There must be transparent and accountable mechanism to ensure the reach of the public services to the needy, but it seems that there is mismanagement which must be overcome.

Appeal Details

Appeal Number

Date of Receipt

Appeal Text

Current Status

Officer Concerns To

Officer Name

Sh. Anand Kumar Singh (DPS Headquarters)

Organisation name

UP Postal Circle

Contact Address

Office of the CPMG ,UP CircleLucknowUP

Email Address

Contact Number



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